Good Reads

Earlier today I read over at Gawker that a librarian in Michigan was fired for writing a book about the patrons at her library. This really sucks ass.

The book is called Library Diaries and mention of it comes at a fortuitous time since I was just thinking about writing a post about the books that have been released within the last year or so about what it’s like to work in a public library.

First there’s Scott Douglass’ enlightening Quiet Please, Scott writes an excellent blog called Dispatches From a Public Librarian over at McSweeney’s. Then there is Don Borchert’s entertaining book, Free for All.

Also worth mentioning again is James Turner’s fantastic Rex Libris, and Joel J. Rane’s nicely produced  Scream at the Librarian. Hey to both James and Joel… It’s always reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my plight. Be well guys!

~ by Woeful on August 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “Good Reads”

  1. her book is “temporarily out of stock”. is that legalese language for “libel suit pending”/

  2. Ug. That’s so unfair that she’d be fired. I still say writing about your workplace is no different then talking about it in public. And who doesn’t do that? I say she should sue for wrongful termination. Unless you’re CIA there’s no reason you can’t talk/write/blog about your workplace.

  3. Am I the only person who thinks it a little strange that the librarians getting published for writing about their work are all men in a woman-dominated profession, and that it’s the woman who writes a book who gets fired? I smell patriarchy.

  4. Guys have been fired too Emily. What I think is really strange is that this woman wrote under a pseudonym. I’d love to know how she was outed…

  5. Actually, there have been plenty of women who have wrote about the profession, and not been fired. But, to my understanding, she wasn’t fired for writing the book…she was fired for using city email to promote the book. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s not a librarian…not that it matters. Not know the full situation, I won’t say I agree with the firing…my guess is the director in the book looked incompetent, and the real director was embarrassed, so he looked for any reason to fire her.

  6. I agree with Emily that more men are getting published…but maybe we are weaker and just can’t take it! Arrrggh! Anyway, I “sort of” got fired for “Scream at the Librarian”; the City of LA cut my hours to zero and forced me to resign. Ostensibly they did this to everyone working as a substitute, but I thought it odd that I applied for a dozen transfers and was denied every one, and that’s after 12 years with the City. Too bad! I have a much better job in a much nicer city now…I’ve compiled maybe two or three “regulars” in almost two years.

    • That sucks man. It sounds like it was for the best though, I’m glad that you got a better job. Congratulations, you’re living the dream!

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