I know everyone wants to hear about my stalker but that is still festering and coalescing so I’m not ready to go there… Yet. Today, however, I was stumped by the high school worker we have working in the Reference Department. The same one who was having problems with gawkers. Anyway, I brought up the subject of Russia invading Georgia and she commented that the Georgians asked for it. I pointed out to her that they were trying to quell a civil war when Russia invaded and that is not good for anyone or anything.

The Russkies obviously didn’t get the memo when they converted to a free market economy that this kind of thing is bad for business… I don’t get it, they are finally financially booming and all they have to do is look at how their own stock market is reacting to their behavior to get the message. War is a thing of the past in the Global economy, it serves no purpose. WTF! All you are doing Putin is ruining everything that your Country has attained… You comrade, are a fucktard!

I pointed out to our helper that she is too young to understand what I am talking about and she responded that she was born under Soviet rule so she has some understanding. She’s an orphan who was adopted by an American family. Anyway anyway, I told her that although that is true, she was too young to fully comprehend what the U.S.S.R. was all about. If the Bear is up to his old tricks and it looks like he is, We are about to be awoken from our “terrorism witch hunt” haze and brought back to reality in an very abrupt way.

She then said that she doesn’t understand why we are all worked up about it because We do the same things.

… I was speechless.

After 9/11 I was ready to enlist and go to Afghanistan. For the first time in my life, however, I was speechless to rhetorically defend America. What could I say? All I could think was that after invading Iraq for no good reason whatsoever she was absolutely right. After our government suspended habeas corpus, and ignored the Geneva Conventions by torturing prisoners, and illegally surveilled its own citizens. We no longer have any right as an Americans to defend what We represent. We have become, to a large extent, like any other great power that has ever had the privilege to grace the Globe… Arrogant bastards.

Fuck you George W. Bush! This exchange pointedly illustrates exactly why we don’t do stuff like invade sovereign nations. We’re “supposed” to be better than that. I shit on you. Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.


~ by Woeful on August 21, 2008.

12 Responses to “Livid!”

  1. I’ve heard it’s rather hard to discuss politics at work with younger people, say in their 20’s. Fortunately I don’t have that problem since I work with a lot of way ‘left of center’ older folks.

    Recently I watched a PBS doc about Chile’s victims, the families of the ‘disappeared’, murdered by the fascistic junta our government installed in the 70’s to depose the Socialist Allende Chileans elected. Thanks Kissinger!

    Let’s see: the U.S. supported the repressive regime of Iran’s Shah, supported the Taliban in the 1980’s, supported Noriega until he was no longer of use to Bush Sr., trained San Salvadoran death squads….and we wonder why we are hated throughout the world? The Iraqi invasion and occupation is just more of the same crap our country participates in, but broadcast in wonderful HD.

  2. Yeah, not to mention the assassinations of World leaders that We carried out… But that was SOP, invading an occupying a country is something all together different and talk of nuking Poland is NOT acceptable in any way! Correct me if I’m wrong, but Russia never mentioned actually nuking anything after the Cuban missile crisis, right? This is serious shit… Not a bunch of renegade malcontents hell bent on causing random violence. Why Russia is doing this I don’t get? They really did miss the memo, “Business IS war!”

  3. “She then said that she doesn’t understand why we are all worked up about it because We do the same things.”

    She is completely right.

  4. Yeah, I don’t get Russia’s actions either. Given my angsty nature, I at first thought the US made a case for unjustified invasion and Putin was following our example. A friend told me it was Putin’s way of getting Old Fart McCain elected…not a good conspiracy theory either.

    It’s most likely all about O.I.L.

  5. She is right Max. A 17 year old stymied me, and I hate that G.W.B. put me in that position, indeed put Us in that position.

    Angsty, I really cannot fathom it. Why seek to regress to any failed system? It can’t be about oil. Russia is right now BOOMING. They are rolling in money as the second largest crude producer in the World and, I think, the largest natural gas producer… I should know this because I am invested in Gazprom and taking a fucking shellacking right now in it because of their behavior.

    When I mentioned this to the girl, she is a VERY smart girl as we only take the cream of the crop to work in Reference, she researched it quickly online and said that Georgia has a great warm-water port that Russia wants and that’s probably why Russia is behaving like this since they only have a bunch of cold water ports. This is an excellent observation, however, I would imagine that Russia is already leasing part of the port for this reason… AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE! We buy something and turn around and sell it for a profit, and it has been working for them. If they “take” the port who is going to want to do business with them? NOBODY that’s who… And that’s why it isn’t done like that anymore.

    Get with the program Russia, put the Stoli down for a minute and get a grip!

  6. my reply might have been, “you’re right, how do you defend a rapist.” Because good ole G-dumb has stripped us of any moral or ethical high ground, the man is a clown and when historians look to the decline of the American Empire they can look no further than a Supreme Court decision and the actions of one administration, of course it’s not that cut and dry but that’ll be a good place to start…

  7. I hate to say this, but I have to agree with Max and others: the kid is right. You pretty much walked into that one, so to speak. As to your question why seek to regress to an old system, it is a good one. Sadly, and in the end, that is what worries me, morons like GWB and his ilk in Congress are a reflection of the people who keep electing them. After so long, the people have to freaking fess up, admit they elected those clowns, and then fix the problem. As long as people keep electing those same morons over and over again who basically have destroyed the US and its reputation, then take it when someone else from outside says, “but you do the same thing.”

    And notice I don’t say “we.” Because sure as hell I did not vote for the monkey in chief. That McSame is actually doing decently in the polls simply baffles the mind, though not surprising.

  8. Now no one deserved anything. But I do completely agree with her that we are doing the same thing as Russia. To our’s all about making others like us. Forcing democracy. Well I guess we have to look at it this way. Russia is doing the same thing.

  9. I have to address one thing: Lay off the 20-somethings and high school students. It sucks to write someone’s opinions and beliefs because of their age. I’m just waiting for someone to shake their first and start yelling at us to get off their lawn.

    That said: She is absolutely right. We have been put in a position as a country that does not, under any circumstances, allow us to take the moral high ground. The country also hasn’t done a damn thing about it. W makes me sick, but I have lost the ability to be surprised by his idiocy.

  10. McSame…. LOVE IT!

  11. 😦

  12. Speechless myself.

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