I’ve Got Another Stalker

… Let’s call her “Froot Loop,” but I don’t want to talk about her right now.

I want to talk about the elderly woman who hobbled up to me at the Reference Desk this afternoon and after explaining that she might have trouble expressing what she wanted because she doesn’t get out much said, “How old am I?” I was like [blink] [blink] [blink] Errr… I have no idea. What year were you born?

After a brief pause, she considered what I asked and with a look of revelation in her eyes said, “I’m 99!”

I believe it, she looks old but looks damn good for 99. Anyway, what she was really after was a book that we didn’t own so I put through a purchase request and took her name and number and told her that we would call her when it arrives. She then wanted to see other similar books so I led her (very slowly) across the library to what she was after. She thanked me, and I was glad that I could help her.

A while later I was off-desk and told the guys in Tech Services about this woman. One of them stopped in the middle of what he was doing, thought about it for a second and said that I should have told her that I needed to get the appraiser and that I would be right back.



~ by Woeful on August 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “I’ve Got Another Stalker”

  1. I can’t wait to hear about this stalker of yours. It seems they are everywhere these days

  2. I want to know what flavour Froot Loop she smells like.

    It’s a stalker thing; she’ll be cool with it.

  3. I can’t wait to hear about your stalker.

    Your old lady seems sweet. At least she’s getting out. 99 years is a long time to be alive and still have the quality of life to get out and go to the library.

  4. Wow, the 99 yr olds I knew barely moved. I wish I will be that mobile to head to the library. I don’t know if I want to live that long thought. :/
    Tell us about your stalker Woeful! 😀

  5. She’s a “Crazy” flavored Froot Loop… It always starts with suspicion and angst and turns into something unspeakable.

  6. Oh that guy is fun I want to work with him.

  7. when i was a page a man of such age taped a mirror to the newspaper he was reading near the shelves. now, newspaper in our libe only read by very aged

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