Plan B

I found this around the corner from my condo today while I was taking a walk:

I would love to know the story behind it… Desperation is tearing into the Plan B emergency contraceptive package curbside and dosing right then and there. Wow!

I hope it was good for you?


~ by Woeful on August 16, 2008.

18 Responses to “Plan B”

  1. I think the haste with which the dose was taken that, no, no it was /not/ good for her.

    Definitely not.

  2. yep that sounds pretty desperate

  3. I can’t help but wonder the story behind this. Was she a hooker who had a john who’s condom broke? A teenage daughter of a very religious family? A cheating wife? Or was it something worse? Something more – Law & Order: SVU-ish?

  4. Hi Iris!

    Definitely a desperation play Nursemyra… Definitely.

    Odds are that she was just another careless teen. She was smart enough to think of Plan B though!

  5. and thankfully, she was able to buy it – WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION – in a local drugstore. Butt-head neo-conservative gawd-squawd wants to make it illegal…

  6. I have never quite recovered from the use of a home pregnancy kit in the Godzilla movie to figure out if a giant flame breathing lizard was pregnant. [Yep, that’ll work.] Maybe it was a similar emergency in your neighborhood?

  7. Because reptile hormones are a perfect match for those of the fairer sex? Doubt it. I think Bigfoot was spotted at the neighborhood liquor store though…

  8. I guess Plan A was a failure

  9. In front of the parking lot I cut through to get to the train, there is a female condom wrapper. Its been there for the past few days. Everytime I pass it I wonder how it got there and how long will it stay.

  10. For a long time there were used condoms behind the library where I work. Fresh ones every day as the city workers would clean them up. What got to me was the fact that often they were only five, maybe ten feet at the most, from the dumpster, which wasn’t being locked at the time. (Until the janitors complained about finding a homeless man sleeping in it. But this was about a year after the condom incidents.) One night my parents happened to drive by to go visit a friend and swung through the lot because of my condom story. There they found two cars, one belonging to a girl who, according to her parking permit, went to UC Irvine, the other belonging to a boy who went to Orange Coast College.

    Police officers like to sit behind our library in the morning to do their paperwork in peace. So one day I mentioned the condoms and the cars to the officer. He promised to tell the station and have people swing by at night. Since then, no more used condoms in the parking lot.

    I wouldn’t have complained if they just hadn’t been so lazy and walked the extra five feet to the dumpster. Instead of leaving a used condom lying around on the ground like they did.

  11. Party pooper lol

  12. Hey, like I said, if they hadn’t been so lazy I wouldn’t have complained. I mean, if you’re legal adults and want to have sex behind the library when we’re closed, go for it, just don’t leave your used condoms on the ground afterwards. Throw them into a proper recepical.

  13. I have to agree with fae, it is kind of amazing (or would be) if it was some teen able to buy w/o a prescription given the (red butthead) climate in some parts of the nation. The story could be interesting indeed whatever it may be.

  14. OMG, lol. Wow.

  15. There’s probably clinics that give that out even if there’s laws against it. Especially if they have any reason to believe the girl in question was actually raped.

  16. The name of the product, Plan B, still makes me wonder if the marketing genius got it right or completely missed an opportunity. “Last Resort,” comes to mind as an alternative.

  17. Given the clientele in the car park of one of our libraries, “Last Resort” is generally one or other of the participants.

  18. Well holy shit. I mean really.

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