Boys Will Be Boys

I found this set as the wallpaper on one of our Internet PCs today:


~ by Woeful on August 8, 2008.

24 Responses to “Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. Lovely. I wonder how the person got to that. Would removing Internet Explorer and using only Opera or Firefox allow for that little thing to be locked down?

  2. I was wondering where those pictures ended up.


  3. Do you provide swipe card access to your PCs?

  4. or lesbian girls will be lesbian girls, perhaps?

  5. title may as well be “boys will objectify women”. bunch of selfish gits.

  6. do you keep a record of the users?


  7. Hi Stephen: The Library takes a passive approach to computer security to allow a better user experience. But whenever a PC is restarted all sins are washed away… A technological confessional if you will.

    Hello Iris… you sexy girl. 😉

    Kevin and Nursemyra: We do swipe barcodes (or manually enter driver’s license numbers) to allow access, but just like when a person returns an item s/he borrowed any record of that item is purged from their record.

    Hi Daisyfae: I rather like the lesbian idea…

    Merriwyn I’m going to go with the idea that it was a pack of lesbians in heat!

  8. I’m sure it could have been far worse. At least she still has her shirt on.

  9. Someone went around to several of our computers and turned the mouse arrow into a flying wiener…I thought it was pretty funny but the IT manager didn’t!

  10. Hi Holley! That’s pretty funny…

  11. “hey, you need a warrant to view my private information on those library computers. what makes you think you can violate my privacy like that?”
    so whay makes this photo different than what you typed into Word and is still somewhere on the hard drive? just cause this is easier to find? further proof that you shouldn’t need a warrant to search library computers.

  12. Haaa! Only this one was left front and center for all to see. It would have been more savvy of the three teens to actually close out of their session and let the next user discover this all on his/her own… And I’ve seen this technique too.

    At least it wasn’t XXX porn like what the elderly guy was looking at earlier in the day that prompted patron complaints… I had to send him a private message like Big Brother: We see what you see! Please be more discreet as patrons with children are complaining about your choice of viewing material…

  13. don’t you love that PCReservation feature that let’s you send messages and shut down computers.. that’s the best!

  14. The more I look at that picture, the more I’m convinced those are fake. Real ones that big would be sagging even with the best bra in the world.

  15. PCRes is a good thing!

    I don’t know from silicone… I never had the displeasure. I am all about keeping it real. Ladies, whatever you have is divine you really do not need to have your parts made “better.”

  16. Well holy shit. Someone had a lot of time on their hands. 🙂

  17. Totally love the blog, glad to be in technical services rather than on the front. I’m sure that I will make it out there one day. Just wanted to say thanks for the posts and for keeping us entertained!

  18. Now see, as long as you don’t try to claim it’s natural or go all addicted to it, I have no problem with plastic surgery. In fact, I’d have it in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Mostly lipo in those areas where I find no matter how much I work them the fat won’t go away – but I want a boob job too. However, I want to be reduced a half cup size and lifted. If it makes you feel better about yourself, why not? It’s no different then tattooing or piercing, really.

    I’m just saying, those boobs the boys were looking at are obviously fake.

  19. >>If it makes you feel better about yourself, why not? It’s no different then tattooing or piercing, really>>

    Actually, it is different. It’s major surgery (and the rare chance you could die or get a horrible infection), hurts like hell, and you can never lay flat on the floor again (if laying flat on the floor is really important to you, but I’m a belly sleeper so it’s a pain). However, I am all for freedom of expression so if it makes you happy go ahead. (in the interest of full disclosure I am somewhat biased, as I think the cancer colored my opinion)

    Yes, the latest teen prank at our branch is that they are pulling all the sex education books and then leaving them scattered about the children’s area open to the most explict pages possible. It’s making the storytime Mom’s have coniptions!

  20. You can get some pretty horrible infections from tattoos and piercings too. And I’m also a belly sleeper but you know that health wise that’s not good.

    Our teen patrons pull sex books too, but they usually hide them so they can come back and look at them later. I think that they’re kids from households where certain books are forbiden cause they also pull fiction books where a main character is a homosexual or there’s magic invovled and hide them along with the sex books.

    We get a lot of uber religious homeschooler types.

  21. Hi Nic, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the blog! As soon as school starts up again I should have more time to post, right now it’s all I can do to keep up with the volume of transactions we’re pushing out… Keep reading!

  22. Wow. Is that real?

    The wallpaper, I mean. Ahem.

  23. The wallpaper is real. I shot that pic with my phone… The breasts, I think are real too. I’ve seen silicone sisters and this girl’s chest is lacking the strained tightness that usually accompanies implants. Or they could just be very well done.

  24. I’ve recently seen three breast jobs that look just like that and let me tell you, technology IS amazing.

    They even feel real. Ahem.

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