I’ve been insanely busy as of late working on some serious technical issues @ the Library. Though it took some doing I am glad to report that full power has been restored to The Dumbass Public Library. This is a good thing too since July and August are our busiest months. In fact, tomorrow I run the statistics for July and I am very much looking forward to seeing just how much ass we kicked… Because I know that we kicked some serious ass.

In the mean time, there are two things that I want to share with you. First, Space Ace lost his communicator/cell phone. This would be a bad thing for the safety of Earth but luckily we found it and we were able to return the phone when he came looking for it. Curiously there was a miniature “phone” along with his phone. When he picked it up he asked me if I wanted a butane lighter? I told him that I had no use for it, then he went into how it works great and how it can even clip onto a lapel. Then he mumbled something about Zippos and a “rough rider.” Only Space Ace know for sure what he was blathering about.

Later on while talking with one of the guys down in Technical Services, one of them said that he saw a ridiculously large RV laboring down the road near the Library. He said that he saw this monstrous vehicle coming in his direction that had a big red fire extinguisher bolted to its side. As it got closer he noticed that it looked quite worse for the wear and that it was obviously brimming with all kinds of crap. Finally he saw that Space Ace was driving this colossal mess and that it made him laugh because it was just like something out of Waterworld.

~ by Woeful on July 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “Waterworld”

  1. I love lighters. I have one from Japan that looks like a little white dog and the flame comes out his butt. I like being able to make fire on a whim: if animals ever develop speech, I’d say, “okay, but can you make fire? No? get back down in the food chain.”

  2. Can I trade Space Ace (whom, for a while there I thought was named Space Age) for my patron – a grumpy old lady with a huge growth on her face who constantly tries to get an extra week on 7-day items by being as loud and as rude as possible? Pretty please? Even for a month? Didn’t think so. 😦

    I read recently about a guy who had one of those lighters shaped like a gun that got shot by the police cause they thought it was a real gun.

  3. Oh my lord!!! HAHAHA, that’s hilarious. We had a patron who drove around in a car full of newspapers, literally stacked floor to ceiling with no way to see out the windows. *shakes head* But a fire extinguisher? WTF!

  4. Space Ace drives? Has a vehicle? Now that’s scary!

  5. I’ve got a Zippo from my high school days but that’s about it for me Effing.

    Hi Xandara! The enormous red fire extinguisher Totally makes the story doesn’t it?

  6. I swear to God I’ll shit my britches if Space Ace turns to out be a bona fide alien escaped from some mysterious underground air base lol

  7. If he is he stole a 1975 GMC to get away.

  8. HA!

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