Library Wear

Between being slammed with summer work, and partying like a rock star when my day ends I’ve been extremely busy as of late. However, not so busy that I didn’t notice the man who wore a johnny coat into the library yesterday… He had pants on, but was wearing a johnny coat… And browsing the periodical collection. The funny thing is, it didn’t even phase me, I was like… Oh yeah, a guy wearing a johnny coat.

Oh! The Fisher King… Or Aqualung if you prefer, or Stuck-Out-Of-Time Man is back. He limped on by the Reference Desk today. He is always an unbelievable sight to behold. Truly our most show stopping freak with his bandanna, long torn leather coat, walking staff, and the gimp leg that he drags laboriously behind him. The first time I saw him I really though that he was just hit by a car outside the Library but somehow managed to haul what was left of his sorry carcass into the building for help.

… Then I realized that he was just another Irregular.


~ by Woeful on July 24, 2008.

11 Responses to “Library Wear”

  1. Okay, so I admit. I didn’t have a clue what a Johnny Coat was. So I googled it. Now I know and wanted to let you know… if you google johnny coat, your blog comes up as #6. 🙂

  2. Is it terrible that I don’t know what a Johnny coat looks like? 🙂

  3. A johnny coat is the garment they give you to wear in a hospital. It’s like a enormous bib that ties in the back. It completely covers the front while totally exposing the back side of the patient.

  4. There are bars round our way where johnny coats are de rigeur

  5. I had to google it as well, but you came up #5! “Moving on up…”

    I hate those things though. They make you feel so exposed. The paper ones are even worse! 😦

    But the guy with the gimp leg immediately gave me the image of “Mad Eyed Moody” without the bandanna.

  6. Very stylish… It’s all the rage in the psych ward!

  7. Clearly the leather coat guy is an escapee from The Wizard of Eearthsea, doy, Woeful.

    [I am really glad you explained “johnny coat” because I was imagining really different things there and wondering how you could tell.]

  8. You’re very funny Max! 🙂

  9. “faze” not “phase.”

    One of those pet peeve things. I hope that a librarian would understand.

  10. Indeed… I was uncharacteristically fazed as to what phase Space Ace was in.

  11. A johnny coat? Wow, I think that’d be a cool word for condom!

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