No Cell Phones: Guns Welcome

We had a visitor from Florida stop by the Library who said that a North Carolina library he had recently visited had a sign that read something like:

We support your right to carry firearms. Please show permit to clerk so we know that there is a gun on the premises… Absolutely NO cell phones allowed. Thank You!

LMAO… Thank God!!


~ by Woeful on July 18, 2008.

12 Responses to “No Cell Phones: Guns Welcome”

  1. Cell phones don’t annoy people, people annoy people!

  2. It’s to avoid unnecessary tragedy: “Hello honey, I’m on the.. [BANG!]”

  3. Geez, glad I work in California then! Considering how verbally violent people get with me over a 25 cent fine I’d hate to see what would happen if we allowed them to carry guns in!

  4. wow – I’m speechless

  5. Does a TASER count as a firearm?

    If so, what happens if you’ve got a TASER with a built-in cellphone?

    In fact, i’m grabbing my TASER-cellphone right now, and i’m going over there to confront those smug bastards and their ‘rules’.

    They’ll be all, ‘don’t TASE me, bro’, and i’ll be all, ‘it’s a cellphone, bro’.

    So then they’ll be all, ‘well then don’t cellphone me, bro’.

    Then i’ll either think of something really witty to say, or i’ll just TASE them.


    Note to self: Get global roaming on the TASER set up *before* i leave Australia this time.

  6. You know what they say, “when cellphones are outlawed, only outlaws will have cellphones.”

    Kevin had my same exact thought. And it may sound cruel, but if there is anything I find annoying are the self-important cellphone people who have to let others know in a loud voice about their court date or that they are “just this close to getting the bond money to get so and so out” (true stories). I don’t mind cellphones, just the annoying behaviors they tend to engender. That I have had wishful thinking of being able to shoot certain inconsiderate cellphones users I will admit to. Where’s this library again? 😉

  7. Ok, maybe I *DON’T* want to move to NC!!! 🙂 Of course, I live in Texas, where we have a concealed handgun license. I looked up where you can’t carry one, and public libraries aren’t listed (schools ARE). 😛

  8. There’s nothing like pitting the First and Second Amendments against one another to foster some National pride…

  9. Well holy crap. What will they think of next?

  10. but what if I’m carrying one of those new iGlocks?

  11. You gotta love the rude and the outrageous. I wouldn’t dare bring a cell phone into the library nor would I carry a gun ever anywhere.

  12. Well, you never know about those people who want to go Postal..and accidentally roam into a library…

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