Senate Votes On Telecom Immunity July 9th

Oppose telecom immunity and FISA by signing this petition at the American Civil Liberties Union right now! It’s not too late to let your Senator know how you feel. They have postponed the vote twice already, but they’re scheduled to finalize this issue today… Let’s do everything in our power to uphold the Constitution.


~ by Woeful on July 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Senate Votes On Telecom Immunity July 9th”

  1. So far, Obama’s lukewarm support for this attack on civil liberties and cover for Bush’s crimes has been the biggest disappointment of the Presidential campaign season. The fact that he won’t stand up in support of the Constitution almost makes me want to vote Green.

  2. This is a very serious issue for everyone in the Country no matter what Party hey belong to. Simply put, the telecom companies did something illegal (wiretapping), and it was an illegal act prompted by the Bush Administration which was a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. This must be stopped or our Constitution is just a piece of paper that has no meaning.

  3. I read this too late– the vote was supposed to be yesterday. What happened?

  4. They kept postponing the vote… It just passes, and sadly Obama voted for it. Shameful.

  5. This is not okay. Not at all.

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