El Duderino

This is the greatest action figure ever, man!

The Dude

I already pre-ordered a copy…

The Dude Abides.


~ by Woeful on June 26, 2008.

17 Responses to “El Duderino”

  1. I’m about to take a week-long vacation to the ridiculously idyllic Caribbean. I intend to relax on the beach with rum-based drinks and Cuban cigars until I’m nearly comatose. The current state of affairs will not stand, man. I need sun… And chemical enhancement far far away from The Library to put my mind back in the right state of being. A big spliff, a Corona, and copious amounts of sex would be very beneficial. Can you dig it man?

  2. Um – who’s the Dude? All I can tell is he looks a bit like writer/director Kevin Smith.

  3. The Dude man! Or if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, His Dudeness, Duder, or El Duderino. LOL… He’s the lead character in one of the greatest films ever, “The Big Lebowski” played by Jeff Bridges. My favorite part of this exclusive unemployed action figure almost goes unnoticed… The White Russian placed on the floor near the carpet!

  4. How could anybody not know the main character of the greatest movie ever made in the history of mankind? That’s just embarrassing, man.

  5. Hey man! Thanks for stopping by Aaron. It’s unfathomable to me as well… That said, (to confuse everyone who might read this) I do like The Eagles, and Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here would all be on my ’70s list, as would your Zep choices, and Paranoid!

  6. I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski. I think I’ve seen the 60 second Bunnies version, however. But to me the greatest movie ever is Dogma. Angels, demons, and a pantless Alan Rickman.

  7. Though a lot of my friends are huge Dogma fans, I’m not one of them. I always thought the plot seemed a bit forced… Like Smith was trying too hard.

  8. The Dude is The DUUUUUDE! Will be buying one shortly, but i will need Donnie… favorite. film. bitch. ever.

    Assuming you already have the Librarian Action Figure, available at http://McPhee.com, outfitters of popular culture?

  9. It wasn’t the writing, it was the acting of the woman who played Bethany. She wasn’t into it and Smith admits he had a really hard time directing her. But from what I hear she’s like that with all directors. Just a regular prima donna.

  10. I agree, how could you not know who the Dude is? My English buddy and his wife have actually christened me the Dude as a way of explaining me to their friends but really i’m not worthy, Do you know about Lebowskifest in Louisville? they have a website if you’re innerested, enjoy the sun,surf,suds,sex of the Caribbean, funny i was just checking the weather in Orangestad, Aruba and dreaming of something quite similar.

  11. oooooh, I want one too!

  12. Seriously..wow. Ha.

  13. I just got back… Expect a post vaca post very soon.

  14. the carribean? wow! that takes my seville and ups the ante somewhat!

  15. Hi Nursemyra: I would love to go to Spain! I had a really nice relaxing vacation though and the beauty of traveling there is a less than 4 hour direct flight from New York.

  16. Now, the rug does come pre-stained, right?

  17. 🙂

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