Ed’s Pants

Special Ed popped the button on his shorts today. He was bright enough to ask if we had a safety pin so he could fix it. Sadly, we don’t have any safety pins @ the Library so I gave him a large paper clip thinking that might do the trick temporarily.

With his shorts half undone, Ed spent the next 10 minutes in front of the Reference Desk trying to execute this Rube Goldberg strategy to no avail. Despite his best efforts it just wouldn’t do. Disheartened he turned and said that he would be back later because he had to change his shorts…

Ed’s sartorial situation must have been far worse than it appeared because he never returned.


~ by Woeful on June 25, 2008.

12 Responses to “Ed’s Pants”

  1. We don’t have safety pins at my library either…I spent hunted for over an hour last Thursday, to no avail.

  2. Haha! Embarrassingly enough I had a similar experience recently (thanks to my expanding beer belly- I need to get Wii Fit).
    I had to make do with staples!

  3. No safety pins? Do NO women work at your library? We have safety pins. I had to borrow one from the ref librarian because my blouse was about to lose a button and the entire world does not need to see my bra. You need to lay in a supply of safety pins. I mean, you can buy the things at the 99 Cent store. (Or whatever equivilent you have out there.)

  4. Did you really mind that he didn’t come back? I don’t think you are losing sleep over it. HA!

  5. We’re not allowed sharp objects, either.

  6. Roaf! Congrats on the pad in Tokyo man… Awesome. I wish I could visit. I’m green with envy!!

    Sharps are a no-no. The only scissors we are allowed to provide are these three inch long kindergartenesque ones. The City attorney wouldn’t allow us to give anything construed as “weapon” to the general public. The liability would be too great…

  7. you probably had safety pins in your first aid cupboard…. check it out next time…..

  8. We aren’t even allowed to give people scissors.

  9. Oh no. Poor Ed.

  10. If only I could live a day in your shoes. 🙂

  11. Hi Max: Ed was not having a good day.

  12. Safety Pins are W.M.D.’s! Or haven’t you heard?

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