Random Items

I found this fortune cookie and mint near one of our online catalogs:

Just another mystery of the Library universe…


~ by Woeful on June 24, 2008.

12 Responses to “Random Items”

  1. Did you look at the fortune inside the cookie?

  2. Although the thought had crossed my mind, I decided not to touch it.

  3. a patron arrived at the library right after indulging in chinese food!

    i should know. i just got back from a marvelous din-din at a favorite local chinese restaurant. after the meal, the waiter brought by the bill and some fortune cookies — and then on the way out the door, i grabbed a mint from a bowl at the front counter.


    but the cookie and mint you found aren’t mine. i already gobbled everything down.


  4. It would have been worth sporting some latex gloves to me. I’m just too curious, I guess.

  5. Well surely you ate it. Please tell me you did. Ha.

  6. Hell no!

  7. You don’t have to eat it to read the forturn. Just crack it open and take the paper out and throw the cookie away.

    But really, if the plastic is completely sealed then the cookie should be alright.

  8. The fortune cookie’s fate rested with the custodian.

  9. Well, what did it say??

  10. Will the custodian be doing a guest post then?

  11. We will never know.

  12. Can we somehow check that?

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