I don’t normally cover news stories here, but this one is so fantastically ridiculous that it needs linking to. According to the Los Angeles Times we got our primary intel that precipitated the invasion of Iraq from a Burger King employee in Germany code named “Curveball.” Allow me to let that sink in for a few seconds…

My favorite quote from the article, “‘He always lied,’ said a fellow Burger King worker.” Now, if Curveball couldn’t even be trusted by his fellow burger jockeys to make a proper Whopper, then why did we place so much trust in him? I find it greatly disturbing that a guy who was paid to say, “Would you like fries with that?” on a full-time basis was our go to guy regarding Iraq. What the hell kind of Mickey Mouse operation are we running here?

Big Brother? Our government is more like a special needs student named, “Skippy.” This would be really funny if it wasn’t SO tragic.


~ by Woeful on June 19, 2008.

12 Responses to ““Curveball””

  1. Wish I could say it surprised me. This administration is so inept…and evil. They’d take any “intelligence” that would help them justify their oil war.

  2. They trusted someone with the codename Curveball? WTF In baseball a curveball is never straight. I don’t blame the Burger King employee, even if he did give bad info, b/c he was straight up that couldn’t be trusted with that codename, and if someone else gave it to him that should’ve been a clue as well.

  3. This whole scenario defies all logic. What a bunch of asshats!

  4. Holy crap. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  5. He was a Burger King employee once he came to the U.S. (according to your source article), but he wasn’t while in Germany (after Baghdad) or at the time that he was an informant. He still doesn’t sound trustworthy; you’re right about that. No reason to exaggerate it.

  6. HiThere! The article is very ambiguous on many points, but it never states that he wasn’t working at BK when he was talking to the CIA, nor does it state that Curveball is currently residing in the U.S. Either way, the point is that this “engineer” is having trouble holding down minimum wage jobs, yet we trusted him to provide vital intelligence information which cost tens of thousands of lives… Possibly a million depending on whose study you look at.

  7. I would be cautious of taking anything the L.A. Times says too literally. After watching L.A. Times cover the writer’s strike I am pretty sure Enquirer has more zealous fact checkers.

  8. Humm… I didn’t research this beyond the Times’ story since they are a legit rag. That said, I know how the biz works since I was a photojournalist for several years. It seems legitimate though… Especially with the guys repeated denials.

    This whole mess from Iraq to our economy to our standing in the World is totally FUBAR. I am so disgusted Max I can hardly express myself. We need to start fixing this yesterday! McCain’s policies both domestic and foreign would be a total disaster for us and as it is, it’s going to take at least 16 years to put things right again IF we start today. Even if Obama wins, he is going to inherit a level of badness we haven’t seen since 1929-1945. I feel sorry for all the kids today. What a World we’re giving them.

    I was thinking about something last week. What really worries me is the “easy” way that we can put America back on top… Start WWIII. The corporations would cash in, we would completely obliterate our “enemies,” and regain our own financial status by wrecking the economies of everyone else since our economy works best during wartime (I mean total war like WWII). I can really see this happening with McCain in the White House.

    I am thoroughly disgusted by what We are willing to do, and the freedoms we are willing to forsake out of fear. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves over what we have become.

  9. Wartime economies only bolster an economy if you are not the instigator and also not the loser. Germany, which was an instigator in both WWI and WWII, was in economic shambles after both WWI and WWII. So much so the winners of WWII had to step in and rebuild the country and its economy. Add to this the bolstered economy Germany experienced during WWII was an illusion created by stripping a large segment of the country’s population of property and frying property’s previous owners in ovens. That type of bolstered economy really only flies if you consider genocide an acceptable answer to economic dilemmas which I sincerely hope we as a people do not.

  10. I hope we don’t go this route either. However, I’m not so sure that instigating a major war would not be economically beneficial for the U.S. Our economy is an anomaly during full scale war (this has always amazed and alarmed other great powers). One thing is for certain, in order to maintain our status, the easiest way is to restructure the system so that by default we either have more or they have less. In other words, in order to maintain our standard of living it helps to keep others down and WWIII would be a great, albeit reprehensible, way to do this by creating total chaos.

    … And I don’t put this past McCain at all. He can’t wait to bomb Iran which would trigger a series of events that could lead to WWIII, from their immediate retaliation by bombing the primary Saudi oil depots and tankers in the Gulf, to their alliance with Russia.

  11. This is some scary shit. I’m going back in denial mode and sticking to my video games. I can’t deal! And shit, I live in a place that’d probably be the first to go!

  12. D.C. has a big red “X” right over it Stiletto both symbolically and strategically. Other prime targets are NY, LA, and big military Cities like San Antonio.

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