Prized Possession?

Today, Space Ace brought a dart board with him to the Library.

… Why is anyone’s guess?


~ by Woeful on June 17, 2008.

13 Responses to “Prized Possession?”

  1. Perhap he thinks it’s a compass and he needs it to find his way home.

  2. Did he bring darts along as well?

  3. It goes with his space age lighter, of course. It’s a portable body waste eliminator for camping trips on alien planets. It vaporizes the wastes so he doesn’t have to “pack it out” like so many enviromentalists want us to do.

  4. I didn’t see any darts. If anyone is interested in reading the full litany of Space Ace’s antics check out this link.

  5. I would be very worried about darts. Very.

  6. Well of course he was going to challenge one of you to a duel. 🙂

  7. For all I know Space Ace uses invisible darts.

  8. Well, this does look like the kind that uses the “safe” darts. But I think it’s like his calculator. Like Sam from Quantum Leap.

  9. I think the real question is: How much trouble would you get in if he attached it to his back and you used it for water balloon target practice?

    And yes, I am most definitely an instigator. 😀

  10. Rachel is so brilliant.

  11. If done stealthily enough, he might think it the alien invasion force launching its offensive.

  12. Love it. Filling the balloons with some sort of slime would make the alien invasion idea even more real. I’m sure the children’s lost and found has some sort of generally gross and unnerving slimy substance in it that would work well…

    Oh, and hi max!

  13. [splat]

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