“Wii Fit Girl” a Librarian To Be

LISNews posted this story about what was thought to be a viral marketing ploy by Nintendo. As it turns out the woman in the video, Lauren Bernat is in Library School at St. John’s University and was totally unaware that her boyfriend was taping her exercising.

Ms. Bernat commented that had she know that she was being taped, she would have made herself more attractive for the video… More attractive? Lauren, that really wouldn’t be possible.


~ by Woeful on June 14, 2008.

18 Responses to ““Wii Fit Girl” a Librarian To Be”

  1. schwing! must. get. Wii. fit. (not that i can ratchet my hips like that, but it would be good to try!)

  2. She’s an inspiration to millions! 😉

  3. That’s some serious hip action…

  4. Watching her technique never gets old…

  5. Haha! It took me a few seconds to figure out what activity she was actually doing…

  6. I think this was actually a marketing ploy by St. John’s University to make us think that ALL their students and our future co-workers look like her.

    A certain Library School I attend definitely does not have a student BODY like that. I am saddened.

  7. Thanks for commenting Lucid Defect! Off the top of my head, I went to Library School with only one really hot girl… No two, I wonder where they ended up? One of them was talking about moving to San Francisco.

  8. I think I would dump my boyfriend if he posted me unknowingly on a web site! Even if I liked my dumpy mustard t-shirt and striped panties…

  9. Hi Bryna! That’s another issue all together…

  10. She’s a hottie. Wish I looked that good on the Wii fit. Ha. I’m just silly.

  11. 😉

  12. My Morning Jacket’s new album contains a song called Librarian, a fantasy about…a sexy librarian, now i have video idea for that song.

  13. Hello Kono! I’ll have to listen to that…

  14. Wow, she’s very bendy!;-)

  15. Yep.

  16. I can’t tear my eyes away. It’s hypnotic.

  17. Mesmerizing, isn’t it!

  18. Love to tap that ass.

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