Cold Storage

When last we left the salmon dinner it was resting comfortably in the coolness of the staff refrigerator. For all the effort the lady made to keep the fish from spoiling she made no effort to retrieve it before she left the building. When morning came and the staff returned to the Library in the fridge it sat just as it was the day before. Time to dispose of the biohazard we thought and proceeded to discard the much discussed salmon dinner…

Immediately upon opening the woman called to ask if she could get her beloved fish back, alas we had it no longer. She spoke with the same Circulation Clerk who I previously thought witnessed her rummaging through our fridge, however, I was mistaken by what I had heard yesterday. The real story is even more excellent than I previously disclosed!

Apparently, the lady started to go behind the Circulation Desk but was stopped by the Circ. Clerk who told her to see the Clerk in the Children’s Department (the one who I thought witnessed the rummaging and routing) and told her that she would put the salmon dinner in our refrigerator for her… Which she did, then she called to say that she wasn’t amused. – Ha! So instead of seeing some random woman creeping around the staff area with fish in hand, a staff member actually had another staff member carry this salmon dinner to said fridge and put it in cold storage for the woman… As if she was her personal servant. LMAO!!

Dismayed over the final resting place of the salmon dinner the woman ended her call. Although brokenhearted she said that she would return.


~ by Woeful on June 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cold Storage”

  1. That’s great. Well wasn’t that fun. I’m glad that it brightened your day.

  2. I strive for accuracy on this blog. It’s funny because it’s true… I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

  3. Astonishing. Ta!

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