Hot Hot Heat

It’s August weather here. We’ve been running around 95° with about 40% humidity for the last few days. It’s hot! It’s so hot that Space Ace is now sporting a Mohawk.

I nearly pissed myself when he removed his hat today… LMAO!!


~ by Woeful on June 10, 2008.

11 Responses to “Hot Hot Heat”

  1. no piccies?

  2. If only! I would love to post photos of all this crazy stuff. Sadly, that would blow my cover.

  3. Only 40% humidity? You’re gettin’ off easy.

    True, it isn’t 95 here yet, but the humidity is at over 70% – which is pretty standard, and it’ll be that or higher by the time the temps start hitting the upper 90s.

  4. The heat does crazy things to people. When are the crazies ever going to learn to just stay inside? 😉

  5. Arkham: It actually hit 97 yesterday and the humidity was 45% I was just averaging it all out. Either way the heat index was over 100. I’m sure at some point we’ll see 70% humidity, I can only hope when it happens the temp is a lot lower.

    Hi Ashley! The heat does tend to bake peoples already fragile brains into committing astonishing acts of dumbassness… It’s amazing.

  6. There are some compensations for living in the cool, damp bit of Western Europe after all.

    Which leads me to wonder what excuse our loonies have.

  7. I am agog Space Ace had the capacity to come up with and execute a mohawk.

  8. I think he might have had help from the Venusians he was visiting Max. All the same it’s pretty damn funny! 😉

  9. I’d take ridiculous heat over severe flooding and no running water for the last four days (seriously, you have no idea how much you take running water for granted until your city’s water supply is contaminated with flood water).

    On a much brighter note, I finished Firefly–you must borrow it from your friend!

    Have fun with the heat wave…

  10. OMG…please take a picture!

  11. Scary.

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