More Lost Than Found

Today we found an 18oz. jar of creamy peanut butter while organizing the magazine reading area. I immediately asked my coworker if she saw anyone walking around with a loaf of bread?

She laughed…


~ by Woeful on June 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “More Lost Than Found”

  1. With peanut allergy the way it is nowadays, you may just have thwarted a mass slaying.

    Well done, Angels.

  2. That’s true too… How did that happen anyway? When I was in elementary school they practically slathered us all with PBJ. Now many of us are deathly allergic to nuts. Soon in wars we won’t need to drop bombs, only tons of peanuts to kill entire populations. WTF?

  3. Only in America though, I never hear about serious peanut allergies in third world countries, there it is all about starving and stuff.

    Once we found a shoe box with a squash, a full tub of margarine, and some other food that escapes my mind in the quiet study area. Probably someone’s groceries, but why the box was my question. The PB also probably fell out of someone’s bag. Are y’all on a bus line? Have lots of people without cars?

  4. Hi Swegene1! I read an article a while back that suggested that all of our ant-bacterial everything has contributed to this phenomenon. The gist of it is that the Human body wants something to fight and when it doesn’t have anything it seems to be defaulting to nuts… The why of this is anyone’s guess but the hypothesized about it at length.

  5. Here in a small east coast library in Connecticut we had a patron
    for many years the staff nicknamed “the Peanut Butter Man” He
    would leave empty jars of PB in the stacks and in our reading
    room. He had a special drawer in an old reading desk to store
    his special Peanut Butter Knife. He also had a love for our
    daily newspaper and would not allow anyone to read it while he
    was in the library. During an fire evacuation the only way we
    could to get him to leave the building was to allow him to take
    the newspaper with him. He was later banned from the library when
    he got in fight with another patron over the ownership of one of
    our highback reading chairs…..

  6. Some people are very territorial… Thanks for commenting John!

  7. Oh yum. I would have seriously thought about keeping that. Ha.

  8. Ewww!

  9. Don’t you mean chocolate?

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