More Search Term Fun

Ever since I posted that I’m a big fan of Battlestar Galactica and Katee Sackhoff I’ve been getting a lot of hits based on BSG’s actors/characters… As well as a healthy sampling of some of the same old weirdness. The good new is that people seem to be searching a lot less for naked pictures of Debbie Gibson. Now, let’s have a look at the terms that people used to hit this blog today:

grace park
fun in the library
grace park complex – The Asian plague perhaps?
the library
tricia helfer
katee sackhoff – [Sigh]
humorous quiet signs for libraries – I’ve created a few.
kara thrace+battlestar+wallpaper – Kudos on your sophisticated search string!
battlestar galactica wallpaper
porn man – Has been suspiciously absent as of late.
katee sackhoff sexy – Damn right she is!
the uses of the library – Sleeping, bathing, learaning, etc…
galactica wallpaper
grace park images
battlestar galactica wallpapers
athena galactica
amazing nature wallapapers
naked cylon tricia – To each his/her own
battlestar galactica
warrior wallpaper
bsg – Word.
boomer from battlestar naked
fucking librarian – Yes.
“top 10 library” index
battlestar galactica porn – A little toaster on toaster action maybe?
hot librarian game – If you find one, let me know.
battlestar six
cylons + battlestar + park
tricia helfer naked
i really didn’t realize the librarians w – W what?
sexy bitch wallpaper – Please be more specific.
basics scientology lectures for sale – Be afraid, be very afraid.
batgirl porn – Kinky.
kara thrace
library humor – You found it!
battlestar pegasus
wordpress library
razor battlestar
man in pain porn – You are one sick fuck.
grace park photos
sexy asian girls – Yep… It’s definitely the Asian plague.
keith and kevin porn – I don’t even want to know.
grace park naked
zombie librarian – Aren’t we all 😉
kara ‘starbuck’ thrace
library signage
library themed restaurant – I prefer the Library Bar myself.
grace park, boomer


~ by Woeful on June 3, 2008.

12 Responses to “More Search Term Fun”

  1. Oh, just refer all the Grace Park lovers to my site. Send the plague my way heehee

  2. I’m sure that they would appreciate you SG!

  3. So, where did the “amazing nature wallpapers” search come from? Almost every other search has a sexual connotation.

    By the way, Firefly: still AWESOME. You must view it at your earliest convenience.

  4. Oh…I like my little icon thing you gave me.

  5. LMAO… Although I’d love to take credit for giving you a “thing” K, it must be some default WordPress setting. I’ll have to get Firefly from my friend, he has the DVDs.

  6. This is so wrong. I post about Battlestar Galactica all the time and do I get Battlestar hits? No. I get… okay I am not saying what I get but it is not Battlestar Galactica.

  7. Firefly totally rocks!

    and if you find a hot library game let me know as well. I’ll play

  8. … It’s inexplicable then Max. All I know is that ever since I posted about Galactica lots of people are directed here. What I find interesting about the terms overall is that one day Grace Park will be the number one search, the next it might be Tricia Helfer, it’s never consistent one way or another. The only thing consistent is that Katee Sackhoff is always searched for about half as much as the others… Which makes me a bit sad.

    Hi There Nursemyra!

  9. Oh, and here I thought you took time out of your day to pick an icon that suited me.

  10. 😉

  11. These were quite a nice array of terms! There is a sexual skew, but I’m sure that it doesn’t reflect badly on your content. My blog unfortunately cannot compare as it only gets hits from such humdrum search terms as “Endnote Linux”, “iPhone”, “ebrary hack”, “lucky Pierre” and “Guatemalan taco”. Oh well.

  12. A lot of it is Grace Park and Tricia Helfer related. I’m OK with this because it used to be Debbie Gibson related…

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