Wednesday Angst

A woman walks up to me at the Reference Desk babbling on and on about court and time and computers and Lord know what else… All without any salutation. I let her go on for a few minutes and say, “So what’s this about? You want a computer?” She responds in the affirmative and I tell her that she has computer 15. She asks about computer seven since no one is there and I explain that it probably has a reservation and that’s why the system assigned her computer 15. She walks over to the computers, checks computer seven and shouts, “It says it’s available!”

I tell her that she has a reservation on computer 15 which, incidentally, is just a few steps away. She begins babbling again and I say, “Would you prefer computer seven?” To which she responds, “Yes, I don’t have a lot of time and it’s closer.” I say, “OK, bring me your card again and I’ll log you onto seven.” I cancel her reservation on computer 15, make the new reservation and give her her card back. She walks back to computer seven and logs on. What I wanted to say was that if she just walked up to computer 15 without the song and dance routine she could have saved herself almost 10 minutes since all that walking back and forth and incoherent babbling was far more time consuming than walking directly up to computer 15 would have been.

… Sometimes I really am drowning in assholes.


~ by Woeful on May 28, 2008.

10 Responses to “Wednesday Angst”

  1. I think I had the same patron come to my library.

  2. Hello Tollula! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yes, this is our Crazy Computer Lady, too. She INSISTS on getting a computer in the Teen Area and then comes back to the Reference Desk to complain that there are…gasp..teens talking in that area.

    Then she wants something to wipe off her computer screen as it is all “sticky” and won’t go away until someone gets her a special cleaning cloth from the supply closet. Later, she comes back to complain that the restrooms smell like, well, restrooms and something must be done about it right NOW!


  4. Hi Midge: It might be time for a policy that states patrons can not reserve specific machines… Just a time.

  5. maybe she’s into numerology?

  6. No, she’s just a freak.

  7. I’m a public school librarian and I have to say it’s no better here. Teachers place unreal demands on you and then blame you when they can’t have everything their way. At least the kids are likeable. *sigh*

  8. Ah yes… one of those adventures in time management…

    SharonO: teachers went to school, went to college then went back to school. This may be a clue as to why they’re more needy than the kids. (-:

  9. That’s f-ing classic.

  10. Hi K!

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