Welcome To Earth

This is like freak week @ the Library. In the midst of it all Space Ace appears as the elevator doors open. He stands there making no effort to move suspiciously looking from the left to right as if to ask, “What strange place is this?” A moment later, the doors close and take him “elsewhere.” In the mean time, the police stop by to ask us if we have seen a man who is wearing a gray shirt and khaki pants? We informed the officer that we hadn’t seen him today. He told us to keep an eye open but not to approach the guy if we do see him. Instead we were instructed to immediately call the police as there is an APB out for his arrest. Apparently he’s overdue for a court ordered “psych evaluation.”

… I could have pointed out a few dozen others to the officer today who would have been adequate stand-ins. Take your pick officer, we have ADHD Anne over there. Psychosis Stew in the corner, PTSD Pete near the windows, and Space Ace riding the elevator up and down unsure what planet he’s on.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. I am SO glad it’s a long weekend!

~ by Woeful on May 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “Welcome To Earth”

  1. Are you located in NYC, cuz we see freaks on a regular basis at the restaurant I work at too!

  2. Some days just cry out for strong drink and benzedrine.

    Have a good ‘un.

  3. love your blog…I think I work in a very similar library…its just in FL…same freaks

  4. I’ll tell you one thing, I am starting to get sick of rude/crazy/stupid customers at my job. So, tomorrow I’m calling in sick, job searching and then going to a concert. I am so excited. “Food poisoning” never sounded so good. 😉

  5. Hi Bryna: For the sake of keeping my job, the closest I’ll narrow it down to is that I’m in the NY Metro area…

    Indeed they do Kevin.

    Thanks for commenting Janice. I think it’s important to know that the demographics of the Library are only a microcosm of society in general… AKA we’re in trouble.

    Hi Lisa: It does get to be grating after a while. We all need the occasional “mental health day” every now and again. Hang in there.

  6. You are sure Space Ace did not change before stopping by?

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