Nexus Of Abnormailty

I was telling a colleague about Space Ace’s revelations yesterday and she said that our plight is probably due to the Library’s proximity very near a homeless shelter, a train station, and numerous bars. She then informed me that a patron registered a complaint last night about a guy in the Men’s Room who was walking around on all fours…

I replied that we’re located right at the nexus of Freak St. and Insanity Blvd.

~ by Woeful on May 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Nexus Of Abnormailty”

  1. hey we’re at that nexus too. just in a different country.

  2. Time and space mean little at the nexus.

  3. The Bermuda Triangle of libraries? 🙂 The central library where I used to work was a few blocks from the Salvation army shelter, where they’d kick everyone out at 6am, and they’d slowly make their way towards the library each morning…

  4. I’ve come to the conclusion, what library DOESN’T attract the crazies — I wish you could meet my “Crazy Elaine” — she might be a good competitor to your “Space Ace” — I see a blogging/crazy-off relationship about to bloom….!

  5. Could be worse. Friend of mine who is a YA librarian at another library system called me last night to tell me that someone had pooped in their 600’s section. She said “It was personal health. Maybe he just couldn’t hold it?”

    And we had our own fun yesterday–a thief who managed to get into our staff room and steal someone’s car keys. He was later seen in the parking lot trying all the doors.

  6. Public libraries are world-wide wierdness magnets.

    It’s what makes them work so well.

  7. Hi Lemurtx: This seems to be the story everywhere.

    Welcom back Hipstrlibrarygrl! They sound like a match made in heaven.

    Hello E. McGrew: WTF? NASTY! Thanks for stopping by.

    Sadly, it does seem to be universal Kevin…

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