Have No Fear

Today nobody seemed to have any communication skills whatsoever. My nerves were frayed by noon. Capping off my day was visit from Space Ace who was in rare form like I’ve never seen him before. He stopped by the Reference Desk to ask if I could log into his email and finish posting some ads to Craigslist. We’ve been through this time and again with him explaining in great detail how this is done… Apparently to no avail.

I explain to him that we don’t get into anyone’s account and do anything. At this point he goes off on an extreme tangent explaining that his mind is “saturated” and that he’s operating on a “genius level.” Therefore, he has a hard time coping with simple things like submitting ads to Craigslist. He said that the trailer that he’s trying to sell was supposed to go to some general but he managed to get it instead because he has connections since he’s a Federal agent. However, every time he does something online (like posting to Craigslist) it gets intercepted by those trying to thwart what he’s doing.

Then he began talking about how he’s used to commanding men, large groups of men and that right now, he’s commanding a substantial contingent of men who are protecting us from an immanent alien invasion.

… As luck would have it I had to take a telephone call, so Space Ace made his way to one of our Internet computers and logged on… Doing what is anyone’s guess? I was very pleased that that it was nearly the end of my shift. I made the trek home and immediately poured myself a nice big glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. I just finished t… And it’s won’t be the last.


~ by Woeful on May 20, 2008.

16 Responses to “Have No Fear”

  1. After reading your posts about Space Ace and other library characters, I realize how un-stressful I am not working one to one with the ‘public’. But then I face an ocean of illiterates (email) and phone calls from people off of their meds, (or whatever) and realize it is nearly the same thing. My angst goes up—way up. At least you were saved by the bell! I just get to hang up on ’em!

    Cabernet sounds really great to me right now. Think I’ll indulge…

  2. The Cabernet was just convenient (open bottle). Now I’m moving on to scotch.

  3. careful! always dangerous to mix alcohol ‘food groups’! i forgot this rule last week and ended up deciding that taking a nap under my car in the parking lot of a bar was a great idea…

  4. You’re so sweet Daisyfae. I appreciate the concern over my well being but I do pretty well drinking. That said, I rarely mix. Scotch is what I love. Scotch is at one with my system. I can drink a bottle of Johnnny Walker Black and still feel like a million bucks the next day. In fact, I finally feel Human right now for the first time all day. Cheers!

  5. Hey, Woeful: couldn’t find the Cabernet, tried something else:

    I have to find a better word for cretins…

  6. There are a couple of very senior members of staff, past and present, who would seem to be on the same planet as Space Ace. You have my complete sympathy: there’s nothing worse than having a walk-on part in somebody else’s acid flashback.

  7. Senior staff… My sympathies Kevin.

  8. I love your sense of humour! A couple of times a week I pop in here just to read and have a laugh. I work in a public library in Australia and we get very similar people coming in challenging our patience…. we just have different names for them. One of my favs is grumble guts, burns the rubber in his gopher dying to get in, dying for us to open, can’t wait a single second to log onto our free internet, and then sits there looking at questionable dating sites, pretty young things who I’m sure wouldn’t tough him with a twenty foot pole as he must be a hundred at least!

  9. Space Ace is a little too far gone, he is creeping into the dangerous zone.

  10. You got that right Max. He’s totally insane.

  11. Maybe you could tell him Tsun Tsu has been spotted at a neighboring library….

  12. [Sorry neighboring librarians.]

  13. This is very weird. Your job is sounding more like mine every day.

  14. Master Tzu would be well over Ace’s head. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner Max but I just got back from visiting friends in your home Sate…

    Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

  15. I’m operating at a genius level and I’m saturated… I am *so* using that next time someone wants to know why I can’t hit a deadline, or when I next walk into a room to do something and once there cannot remember why I came.

    (I’m new here; wonderful blog! I wasn’t wise enough to follow my librarian tendencies; but my grandmother was a librarian for 30 years. Okay if I hang out? 🙂 )

  16. Welcome to the funny farm AG! You can hang out with me anytime.

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