E-Reference… Maybe

What follows is a slightly modified transcript of a recent email reference query (names have been changed to protect privacy, and it has also been edited for brevity):

Patron logs on as “Susan”

Patron: Do you have old Dumbass High School Yearbooks?

Librarian: Hello Susan, this is Megan. We keep yearbooks in the Genealogy Department.

Patron: I do not live in Dumbass

Librarian: I see. Would you like us to research this and get back to you via email?

Patron: Sure

Librarian: OK, what’s your email address? And what year are you looking for?

Patron: I can be reached at whackadoo@wtf.net. I’m looking for 1965 or 1966. My father’s birthday is coming up and we’d like to make him a copy.

Librarian: That’s a wonderful idea!

Patron: Thanks much

Librarian: And you are Susan Doe?

Patron: Maybe

Patron: Why?

Patron: Whom am I speaking with?

Librarian: It’s customary and helpful to know who we’re assisting

Librarian: This is Megan Smith

Patron: OK thanks much

Librarian: Did you have any other questions today?

Patron: No thanks

Librarian: OK we’ll get back to you shortly

Librarian: Bye

So, I do the research and we do indeed have the yearbooks she needs. I send an email to tell her the good news, and she writes back asking if we have any copies for sale. Umm… NO! These are reference items that do not leave the building. Then I indicated that I could, however, photocopy the page(s) that depict her father and mail them to her since she lives in a neighboring State. But first, she needs to provide her father’s name so we know who we are looking for.

I’m still waiting to hear back.


~ by Woeful on May 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “E-Reference… Maybe”

  1. Awesome. Let us know if he/she/it replies.

  2. she’s not who she says she is (ominous music). works for a mysterious 3 letter government agency, perhaps the FDA…

    freakin’ squirrels…

  3. Hello Stone Cold: I’ll keep you guys posted as to what happens next.

    Hi Daisyfae! What a strange response to a yes or no question… And then to basically respond, “Who wants to know?” Odd.

  4. Yikes…at my job, we’re trying to decide to go back to live ref chat. Hope this isn’t ‘the usual’…

  5. My first thought on her saying they’d like to make him a copy is, it sounds like she wanted to copy the whole yearbook…

    Interestingly enough, this morning, I am cataloging school yearbooks…

  6. When I first read that I thought she actually asked for Dumbass High School and that she didn’t live in Dumbass. Wow. I really had one of those moments. Ha.

  7. Good luck Angsty!

    Hello Lenurtx: It sounds to me like she actually wants a bound copy. I will be interesting to read her reply.

    Thanks for commenting Ashley.

  8. I’m with Ashley. Ahahaha it’s even funnier you saying “Dumbass” the way you have. I’m so glad our librarians love me. And my kid. Well at least I think they do. Oh wait. Wonder what they think of us book donaters? Hmmmm? Do librarians think we are just creating more work for them? I mean, I don’t just donate the crappy books. Although I do notify them if they are shitty reads. Do tell Woeful.

  9. Hi Upset! We have a solid dumbass contingent that regularly supports us, but we also have a good share of decent folks who just need help and they make what I do very rewarding when all is said and done. Really the Library is just a microcosm of the society it serves, it has the same demographic makeup.

    We do appreciate your donations. They add value to our collection and if they can’t we sell them and buy something that is lacking in the library to strengthen the collection.

  10. Is it wrong my favorite part is her email address whackadoo@wtf.net?

    You know the way things have been doing this is a not very smart assassin trying to dig up info on someone in witness protection right?

  11. 😉 Hi Max!

  12. There are people who make a living off selling celebrity yearbooks. I’m wondering if this might be the case, and she made up the stuff about her dad to find out if you had a copy available. I’d watch the copy to make sure it doesn’t disappear.

  13. *facepalm.*

  14. It’s anyone’s guess B!

    🙂 Xandara.

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