Iron Man

Stop Reading This Blog and Go See Iron Man Right Now!

I’ve got nothing Library related for you (the weather has been too nice around here so all the freaks are outside), so I’ve chosen to write about this excellent film instead. I already watched it twice over its opening weekend. Marvel nicely updated one of my favorite superheroes, while remaining amazingly true to his origin. Everything from the casting, to the acting, to the writing, to the special effects are simply amazing. You will not be disappointed, it’s at least as good as Spider Man, and Batman Begins.

Iron ManInstead of letting the FX carry the flick, the writing is what carries the film… Don’t get me wrong, the special effects are impressive but they enhance the story, they don’t upstage it. I haven’t felt this good about a film in quite a while. It has a little bit of everything, humor, action, and even a hint of romance.

My favorite superheroes have always been The Fantastic Four (I love the Four), The Amazing Spider Man, and The Invincible Iron Man. I could relate to Peter Parker when I was younger, but I always thought that Iron Man is the coolest looking superhero. I would inevitably sketch him as I drifed off during some boring class when I was in school. Plus, his character has the coolest attitude in the Marvel Universe… A byproduct of all that money and alcohol, and ego no doubt.

So go see Iron Man. Stay through the credits, read through the names of all the people who made the movie possible, and get one last taste of Tony Stark. I can’t wait to go see it again this weekend!


~ by Woeful on May 7, 2008.

25 Responses to “Iron Man”

  1. wow that’s some endorsement. and you didn’t even mention the biggest drawcard – robert downey jr!

  2. He’s a tremendously talented guy, it’s nice to see that he has his demons under control so that he can produce top notch work once again!

    … And the chicks seem to dig him too.

  3. Apparently the star – Mr Junior – is awesome.

    Apparently he spends half the movie telling us that.

    I don’t think the guy who draws Shortpacked liked it much.

    He’s some sort of expert on superheroes, or something, the Shortpacked dude.

  4. Yes, Tony Stark and his ego have a hard time fitting in the same room but that’s what has always made him so great. While all the other superheroes are trying to hide their identities he was always like, “Hello! Iron Man right here… Any ladies want a taste?” And then there are all the troubles with alcoholism he’s always had… All this makes Tony Stark and Iron Man inseparable as an entity. Tony Stark is a superhero without Iron Man, a legend among men. He’s the guy every boy wants to be as opposed to Peter Parker who is the geeky kid every boy actually is.

  5. Another movie I need to drag my husband to. 🙂

    Boy am I glad I ordered some Iron Man collections for the library in preparation for the movie. EVERYONE wants Iron Man now.

  6. Hello PL: That was good planning!

  7. Saw it this weekend. Loved it. Seeing it again tomorrow night. I was all full of geeky, fuzzy feelings inside after I saw it. I’m glad someone else is as full out into it as I am. 🙂

  8. 🙂

  9. Wrestlemania 24 was better.

  10. The only people more obsessed than comic book geeks are WWE fans.

  11. I’m excited to see this and it doesn’t hurt that it is Robert Downey, Jr.

  12. That’s what I’ve been hearing from the ladies…

  13. Wow! I went and watched the trailer (as I am…ahem…woe-fully out of touch with what’s playing at the movies) and I can’t wait to see this!

    Still…why do the women get such awful names? Pepper Pots…oy! Not as eye-rolling as some Bond ones, but still.

  14. Hi there phantommidge! You know how many trailers turn out to be the best part of the movie? The whole damn film is like that… Crazy!

    “Pepper” is a byproduct of a long tradition of tongue-in-cheek naming conventions in comic books. 😉

  15. Okay, like Robert Downey Jr. was not incentive enought, now I have to see it more.

  16. You’ll love it Max!

  17. It’s one of the best superhero movies that have been made recently. Just make sure that you stay until after the credits!

  18. Pretty amazing huh GrayjayDeb! The difference is that it’s just as good watching Downey play Stark as it is watching him play Iron Man.

  19. trying one last time… don’t know why I’m blocked from posting. not sure what I did. is this moderated? tried twice last week….

  20. oh, that worked… 🙂 anyway, what I posted last week was:

    best use of Stan Lee; worst product placement: I’ve never seen a corporate logo used so blatantly in a film. I mean, what is Stark Industries? What did they pay to have their products promoted in this movie? It was bad enough when RDJ ate that BK burger, but every box and every weapon had Stark plastered on the side. Outrageous.

    (yes, on second thought, that seemed funnier last week)

  21. Hi Effing… I appreciate the comments. I’m not sure why they weren’t getting through? I do moderate this but only because I’m afraid that one of my friends might let slip my true identity. Let’s hope it was a problem with WordPress that they fixed.

    The Stan Lee cameo was great! The film is also a great ad for the Audi R8… If you can afford its $109,000 base price. 😉

  22. Well I plan on watching this weekend. You’re convinced me. 🙂

  23. Go for it!

  24. Saw it last night, it was indeed great!

  25. Hi Tiny: Iron Man is definitely right up there with Spider Man, and Batman Begins. Thanks for commenting!

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