Summer In April

Due to the astoundingly awesome unseasonable weather around here lately, there hasn’t been a lot to report about @ the Library. In fact, due to the fabulous weather there haven’t been all that many people using the Library. Of course, there is a random visit from Space Ace, or Special Ed, but nothing all that out of the ordinary… Or maybe I’m just desensitized to most of it at this point. I dunno anymore?

So I’m going to write about a conversation I overheard during my lunch hour between two UPS workers. They apparently discovered a four kilo brick of herb while sorting packages. The only reason they discovered the dope was that that package was sent to an undeliverable address. It was off by just a few numbers from what I gathered so they opened it and found a 9 pound ball of shrink wrapped weed. Obviously they called in the DEA, and now their waiting to see if anyone is dumb enough to stop by and sign for their missing pot… At which point the signer will promptly be arrested for being a dumbass.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you at the moment. Don’t worry though, sooner rather than later there’s sure to be some kind of totally bat-shit crazy happening that I’ll be filling you guys in on. Until then, relax, enjoy the glorious weather, and whatever you do, DO NOT sign for any overdue pot shipments, now or ever! Accept this as an axiom if you want to minimize the chances that you will be the one out of 100 U.S. citizens in prison.

~ by Woeful on April 24, 2008.

10 Responses to “Summer In April”

  1. Are you sure you don’t work at the location of my former employment (not to unveil your anonymity, or course…). I could totally see that happening there, considering our proximity to “other” unsavory places…

  2. That is a scary article, Woe.

    Were we ever the home of the free land of the brave? Or was that just brainwashing in grammar school? Because we sure are not now.

  3. Hi HispterLibGirl!

    I had the exact same though last night Max. They really have us believing that we’re the freest people when in fact we’re pretty repressed over some very “minor” things. What we lack for in political prisoners we make up for with a bunch of poor saps who got caught with dime bags. Land of the free my ass!

  4. Shoot, that’s why my supply wasn’t delivered! Just kidding, don’t arrest me!

  5. Thank you Mr. Woeful. You’re phone numbers, addresses, and places of employment are now under careful scrutiny. Sincerely, Lt. Johnson, DEA.

  6. Yeah, I was wondering about how “involved” I might be considered here in the astronomical off chance that one of the dumbasses involved in the situation just happened to read this blog. Since I never mention anything specific, and only make general statements I think I’d be OK.

  7. Oh you will never have fun like that, Woe. Look at all the fun stalkerey action Jason is getting by being more up front with his location and escapades?

  8. Jason does seem to get involved in situations that work themselves into perpetual blog fodder… I see quite enough @ the Library for my taste.

  9. […] am not making that up. I came across that on Woeful’s blog and here is the article : Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other […]

  10. The most excitement those UPS guys have seen in their whole lives.

    BTW, I didn’t know packages could be opened at random. Anyway, what a waste…of weed!

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