Things I Can Do Without

As I was passing through the gym’s locker room today, I saw a middle-aged guy in front of a mirror, stark naked blow drying his (not so) private parts. I’m not talking Mr. Olympia here, I’m talking about somebody’s dear old dad.

… That hurt me bad.


~ by Woeful on April 18, 2008.

20 Responses to “Things I Can Do Without”

  1. Haha. That’s hilarious. Now I know that the men’s locker room can be just as odd as the ladies one.

  2. Hi Bridget: Needless to say, I was very glad to only be passing through… Thanks for commenting! 😉

  3. Good lord. What happens in the gym locker room is suppose to stay in the gym locker room (which is exactly why I stay away from those places).

  4. File under – Not cool.

  5. that’s creepy… guess you didn’t stick around to see if he got out the curling iron to tidy things up a bit when it was dry? saw a woman blow drying her feet in a locker room. weren’t hobbit feet or anything like that…

  6. Hi Daisyfae, thanks for commenting! I’m glad to write that I witnessd all this from the back and not the front… This view was disturbing enough, thank you very much.

    For all I know he could have had rollers down there. 😦

  7. Oh poor Woeful. You are scarred for life.

  8. I’ll never be the same again…

  9. Umm…Ewwww. I am now traumatized.

  10. All the older ladies that go to the YMCA in the mornings hang out naked in the locker room after their swimming classes. They seriously have no problem displaying their sagging breasts, stretch marks, and spider veins for all to see. I’m only 28 and I am much more self-conscious about my body than they seem to be. These ladies sit on the benches without even a towel, legs hanging open like they’re doing a photo-shoot for Hustler. I don’t need to see all that grey-hair-adorned pink.

    I’ve kind of gotten used to it, but I still find it hard to hold a conversation with these women while I hurriedly throw my bag in the locker and tie my shoes.

  11. Hi J!

    K, I think that’s just an age thing… They’ve seem too much to care in all their years and that’s that.

  12. WTF??? The ladies do that shit in our gym too. Tits a flapping, pubes everywhere. I will never get used to it.


  14. WOEFUL!!! Check this out!!!

    Now I don’t have to buy it!!! I’m so pumped!!!

    It’s a way cool site…tv shows and movies…all streaming…free!

  15. Awesome K!!! If I wasn’t so totally tanked off margaritas I could answer everyone else’s comments… Thanks everyone for commenting!!

  16. That’s pure gold!

  17. LOL… Hi Tracy!

  18. I am in desperate need of a margarita or a martini.

  19. Sounds good Lisa…

  20. Men are so weird. You would never find a woman doing that in a locker room. Although one time I saw a dancer pick lint out of her coochie in the bathroom of a strip club.

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