I don’t mean of the dumbass variety either I mean the other kind… The smoking kind or maybe even something stronger. I surmise from what I’ve been observing over the last several days that it’s being distributed out of the Library. There has been a lot of suspicious activity from a group of Irregulars that leads me to this conclusion. Surreptitious hand signals across the Library floor, followed by erratic coming and going, etc. I might have something really choice to blog about soon… Time will tell.

~ by Woeful on April 7, 2008.

15 Responses to “Dope”

  1. God I wish someone would bring me some dope here at the ref. desk. The closer we get to the 16th, the more these friggin tax zombies are driving me insane….. this is torture!!!

  2. We’ve dealt with that here. Dealers tend to use the payphone down the hall to sling their shit. They stand by the phone and when it rings, they know to run outside and make the handoff…I’m sure they think they’re being all covert, but I’ve been around the block long enough to know what’s goin’ down, yo. Generally, the police are called and the offender is dealt with. But someone new always pops up to take their place. You would think that people would catch on, but apparently the local dealers aren’t too bright.

    Oh, one time I walked into the public restroom and a woman was snorting up what I would guess was around 2 grams of tweek (like, not just some of it, she had it all cut up into lines and was going to town). She looked really pathetic, though, so I just told her she had to get out right then and I wouldn’t tell anyone. I’m pretty much the librarian with a heart of gold.

  3. Innnnnnnnnnteresting.

    It wasn’t in the library, but the post office next door had some foreign exchange student mailing a big box o’ pot… *snicker*

  4. Hmm. I’m wondering if there isn’t something even more dubious going on.

  5. Hi Grind: When I’m at work a Pez dispenser full of Xanax would come in handy sometimes… Or Vicodin.

    K: We’ve had people fix and then OD within our building so I can totally relate to your story…

    How’s it going Xandara? That’s a good one! Was it Harold or Kumar?

    What do you think it might be TWH? These aren’t rocket scientists so I don’t think it’s anything more serious than some low level dope dealing going down.

  6. Wow. Libraries are so full of intrigue. Bounty hunters and drug dealers, what is next? Wait, maybe I should not ask that.

  7. Hello Max! It’s always something new every day… A coworker today had a guy call up looking for some kind of job listing he saw in the local rag having to do with hydrogen. The guy told my colleague that it was well suited for him because he’s made hydrogen before down his basement…

    I hope he doesn’t smoke.

  8. Oy! When I worked in public libraries dope deals were an everyday occurrence… as was dealing with the junkies. And, people think being a librarian is all about reading all day. I wish… I wonder if there is a combined MLIS and social work degree somewhere?

  9. Thanks for stopping by KLC! There should be a combined degree like that. Sadly, nobody would want to pay someone anything extra for it…

  10. What amazes me is how stupid/oblivious they think we are. I had a guy wander in, stand two feet from my desk and tell his buddy, “I got a dime,” before they both went into the restroom.

    I mean, jeez, the only thing I can surmise is that they think “Oh, they’re just libraians, sitting around reading Moby Dick all day. They’ll never decipher our badly-masked drug slang!”

  11. Thanks Woe. Now I know where to go for mine…next time.

  12. hey score a bag for the stag raffle!

  13. Ha! The stag party is going to be good!!

  14. Maybe they are a bunch of deaf and dumb people who had a regular library to hang at but they got kicked out because some meanie mistook their sign language for drug signals.


  15. I wish it were that simple…

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