“I’m Buddy!”

Buddy Sunshine formally introduced himself to me today. With his gold medal proudly displayed around his neck, and sporting his backwards baseball cap he walked right up to me and asked, “You’re Woeful right? I told him that I certainly am. He then said, “I’m Buddy!” and extended his chubby little hand for a handshake.

… I gave a firm shake and replied, “Pleased to meet you.”


~ by Woeful on April 3, 2008.

9 Responses to ““I’m Buddy!””

  1. That’s sweet. 🙂

  2. Well it’s about time. Now you can be best friends. 🙂

  3. I’m just curious as to how he knew your name. hmm.

  4. … He’s the kind of kid who ultimately gets locked in a locker. LOL, he called me by my real name, and his name isn’t really “Buddy” either.

  5. Awwwww…Buddy and Woeful made nice. Very cute.

  6. OH! I watched a few minutes of BSG last night. I was kind of lost, but it did look pretty cool.

    What’s a cylon (sailon? sylon?)?

  7. Yeah, its Cylon, K. they’re the robots the peole in BSG built that got smart and rebelled. incidentally this point and others are very different than the original series was.

    You really need to see it from the beginning to understand what’s going on as they’re in the third act of a play right now. BTW, the events surrounding Friday’s episode leave a lot of us regular viewers confused as well since a lot has happened in the last four or five episodes. A lot of loose ends are everywhere so it’s a bad place to begin the story… I think I know where it’s going because there is a parallel in the original series. It’s not an exact parallel but there is an element I believe they are about to add to explain Starbuck.

    That’s all I can write without spoiling anything…

  8. I was going to rent the miniseries this weekend, but it was out…and plus Sweeney Todd (amazing!) was available. Hopefully I can get a hold of it soon so that we can have BSG discussions!

  9. I’d love to talk BSG with you. It’s very philosophical stuff… Maybe I’ll begin watching it again from the beginning between the new episodes too.

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