Library Or Livery?

Today, as the day went on, people got dumber… And now I’m dumber for having experienced it. My day culminated with a lady calling to ask if we are providing transportation for the gardening program that the Library is hosting this evening. I explained that we don’t provide transportation, and suggested that she call the Senior Center. She then informed me that they stop transporting people at sundown. I expressed my sympathy. At this point, the lady asked that if she could find a way to the Library, would it be possible for someone on staff, after we close, to bring her back home? Absolutely not.


~ by Woeful on April 1, 2008.

19 Responses to “Library Or Livery?”

  1. That was your chance to make a quick 10 dollars woeful!

  2. With my luck, grandma would say I tried to rape her while en route…

  3. That granny should try selling her nerve on eBay.

  4. Oops. That’s the second time today I’ve not realized I was logged in to a client’s account and attempted comments. I am tchsbooster, icyww.

  5. Seriously. There is so much wrong with “transporting” patrons I don’t know where to begin… There are all kinds of legal problems, then there are the union issues, etc… On and on…

  6. Oh, come on Woeful…help an old woman out! Legal problems, schmeagal problems.

  7. LOL… I put my time in with her regularly while I’m on the clock as does everyone else. I can imagine the ride “home” but first we’d have to stop at the pharmacy… And then the grocery store, and then… Ack!

  8. Maybe you could get a little extra something for your time, if you catch my drift…

    God, I just grossed myself out. Sorry.

  9. Nasty.

  10. sounds like one of our patients trying to find a getaway car

  11. Exactly!

  12. Aww..poor old lady just needed a lift (and maybe a new set of wheels..she’ll steal your ride)

  13. Extra ten bucks? With the price of gas, if you were to do it (not saying you would or should), you should certainly be charging twice that just to cover the gas.

    Anyhow, that is one of the hazards of our line of work. Contact with dumb patrons could make us dumber. To be honest, I am a bit surprised there are not more dumb librarians out there from all the exposure to such patrons. How we manage to stay somewhat smart and sharp is beyond me.

  14. And you know that when you got her home, she would ask you to come in and fix her computer.

    On my first day at my current job, I had a patron ask me if I would go to his motel room (where he lives) to fix his laptop. Um, no.

  15. Can you also tuck her in at night? That would be lovely, darling.

  16. Not on the subject, but I thought of you

    Five Technically Legal Signs for Your Library [plus one]

  17. You should have told her to stay home and watch ECW. Screw the garden show.

  18. Yeah, the Seniors can make for some interesting days. Snow’s melting here, which means the Senior Circuit will soon be back in action. My voice only recently recovered from having to yell just so they could hear half of what I had to say … if only I could convince the library to budget in a megaphone or two, we’d be all set.

  19. LOL… That’s funny Bryna!

    Sciencefun, I have seen that post… Displaying a, “If this sign is removed” sign really would be the only way to notify people that a National Security Letter was issued.

    Damn, I should ave thought of that Stone Cold…

    Thanks for commenting G, Dances, and PL!

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