Today a guy came in to print some digital images that he shot with his camera. We have an automated system that allows people to sign-in with their library card numbers, and a print management system that releases print jobs based on that same number in order to make sure that the correct person gets only their printouts since all the jobs route to the same network printer. Anyway, this guy sends his print jobs and turns around saying the coin machine wants $6,147.00!

I went over to investigate thinking that he probably just read the wrong number. Nope… He queued up 61,470 pages. I don’t know how (especially since he had to OK the amount before he sent the job to the printer), but he did. He then commented, “Does this mean that I own the library?” No, however, it would mean that the library now owns you! PWNED for being a dumbass.

Needless to write, I canceled the job and told him to try it again. I’m glad to write that he had no other problems for the rest of his session. It’s nice to know the system works. In the before time, this person would have probably printed 30 pages before calling me over saying, “How do I stop this from printing?” As I reached down and pulled the paper out of the tray. That’s how!! Obviously you were absent the day they handed out the IQ bonuses all-star.

~ by Woeful on March 26, 2008.

18 Responses to “$6,147.00”

  1. “PWNED for being a dumbass” acutally got a “what the heck is so funny?” from my husband.

  2. 😉

  3. That’s hilarious. You made my evening.

  4. Thanks chthenos! I never saw anything like it.

  5. that is funny stuff i think the guy was retarded

  6. Thanks for commenting anton18!

  7. How could someone rack up that many pages? I’m having trouble contextualizing this, that’s for sure.

    What would we do without people showing us the stupid that is possible?

  8. Haha hilarious!! That is a lot of pages! I wonder how much it would it have cost if he made the print outs in colour?


  9. Thanks for commenting heavenlyevil!

    pKay, they were color. We charge a flat rate for all prints.

  10. […] “Marian, Madame Librarian” is not the image these librarians want. In their minds, perhaps in their lives — who knows? — they lead racier lives. Evidence? Check out the names of the blogs on the blog roll of the librarian who blogs under the masthead @ the library (warning: I’ve not checked these for at-work safety): […]

  11. Ah my bad woeful! I assumed he chose black & white as in my area black & white are half price to what colour costs.


  12. WOW.

  13. Wow. Who takes that many pictures anyway. My goodness.

  14. Hi Guys! He had a full Kodak photo CD… Of what is anyone’s guess?

  15. That is surely going some! Another “keep clicking print until the mouse breaks” merchants.

    Closest I ever got to this was somebody racking up 600 copies of a web page but that doesn’t count because it was a Reference Librarian.

  16. This is the same person that tried to drown a fish. I’m sure of it.

  17. I’ve been wondering where that guy was! How’d he get all the way over to YOUR library???!!!

    Unless of course there are many of him out there … God help us.

  18. Hi Kevin: The only thing I can figure is that he accidentally specified something like page 1 61,470 times… But like I wrote, he had to OK the cost before it spooled for printing… Makes you wonder.

    LMAO Upset!!

    I’m sure that there are many copies G…

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