Scientology Dump

The Library keeps getting unsolicited texts and DVDs from the Church of Scientology. I can only imagine that this is the Church’s public relations response to Anonymous declaring war on them a couple of months ago. Have any other libraries out there received at least two large boxes packed with the “basic” works of Scientology? Who knew that there are at least 18 books and 3000 lectures that comprise their canon? If you’d like to read more check out what Wikipedia has to say about the Church. My favorite part of Wikipedia’s Scientology entry has to do with the renegade Scientologists who have apparently formed a splinter group called the “Free Zone!”

Anyway, our Assistant Director called them up because we don’t have the room to shelve the 40 or so books and DVDs that we were given. I think we shipped most of them back and kept only a few titles like The Scientology Handbook, and The Fundamentals of Thought, and a couple of others including a DVD with a picture of L. Ron Hubbard on the cover. As an aside L. Ron shares an uncanny resemblance to Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones), the Principal from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”


If you’re looking for more Scientology fodder you should check out the Scientology indoctrination video posted over at Gawker starring none other than Tom Cruise… Don’t try to understand it, just watch and enjoy as one of America’s most beloved celebrities unravels before your eyes!

~ by Woeful on March 24, 2008.

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  1. religious intolerance

  2. religious intolerance?
    That is cute. they way they act like a real religion….
    Its like kids playing house, only DM is playing prophet, or is it profit.

  3. Hello Barack! Is this a statement or a question? Anyway, we incorporate a broad variety of views into our collection from Genesis to nirvana. Sadly, we only have a limited amount of space with which to work in order to touch on everyone’s dilios… Which is why we kept only the most basic of the basics. If they want to get better coverage they need to simplify their religion down to one book like all the other heavy hitters have… But then again the heavy hitters have had thousands of years to fine tune their PR shtick.

  4. Hello Charles. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a question from the librarian. Isn’t Scientology a real religion? Once a cult’s founder dies the cult dies. Cults that transcend this dead founder test are called religions, no? Or is more than one generation past the founder’s death necessary? I’m not sure?

  5. That Tom Cruise video is creepy. o.o;

  6. Hi Lisa: Yeah, about halfway through he begins speaking in tongues…

  7. The Church of Scientology last year forced its members to throw away all their old books and buy these new ones. What they sent you wasn’t paid for by the Church but by extra ‘donations’ from members on which the Church makes a profit.
    Cults are are defined by how they behave, not how old they are or what they believe. By modern definitions, the CoS is a cult.
    Some of my friends are Freezone scientologists, nice people. The fanatics stole their Church, and they’d like it back.

  8. Hiya Hartley: If memory serves I believe that some form of political acceptance is also required for legitimacy? Christianity was nothing more than a cult to the Romans for a long time… And then only adopted by Constantine on his deathbed (when he was baptized) as a way to hold the Empire together for while. This act “Roamnized” Judaism and gave us the polluted version we celebrate as Christianity today.

  9. Hi Woeful, didnt elron say all other religions were part of R6 implants? Didnt he also write to Helen Obrien in 1950, saying he wanted to explore the ‘religion angle’, just prior to the birth of scientology? Isnt it also true the the word scientology was coined before hubbard was born, as was said to mean psuedoscience? Maybe you can also explain the diference between Dr. A. Nordenholz]s Scientologie(1934) and elrons scientology(early 50’s)?

    Please stop building straw man arguments, it makes you look silly…like you were a scientologist or something

  10. I try hard not to see any of Cruise’s films because the thought of him annoys me alone. And now this!

  11. Hello Anonymous! Ha!! I don’t really know anything about Scientology except for what I’ve linked to in my post. But I’m willing to give just about anyone the benefit of the doubt. I certainly wouldn’t say that Scientology is any less legitimate than any other philosophy that bases itself entirely on faith… Doing so isn’t fair to faith itself.

  12. Thanks for stopping by eltentwelve. I’m genuinely sorry for putting you through this. I prescribe three Chuck Norris films and a quart of whiskey to thoroughly rid yourself of Cruise’s aura… It’s the only truly reliable method.

  13. Bwhaha! the story of these books sent to library is one more enormous scam performed by David Miscavige against his own members: he’s asking them to buy them very high price so as to increase the revenues of his cult’s internal two publishing houses, called Bridge publications and New Era Publications. Most libraries will destroy the books. THere is no need to give them back, they have not been ordered and are the livrary’s property. Don’t spend time an,d money, burn the scam or complain to authorities saying that you haven’t been asked if you would take time to put a scam in your shelves.

  14. *lol* I worked for a public library once which experienced the same inundation. I sent back the “response card” (which only gave me the choice of requesting more books, or requesting more books) with a note saying, “Please do not send any more books.” I actually got a call from the Scientology publisher people asking (incredulously) why I wouldn’t want their books for my library. I decided to leave content out of the discussion and told them that every one of our 26 branches got 2 copies of every book they sent out, and that few of our little branches had room or demand for them. She said, “What happens to the books?” and I told her they end up in the book sale marked $1 each (and that’s on the high side). She was appalled. “That’s an expensive book!” My response: “Well, then quit sending so many.” I gave her the number for our countywide collection development head, then hung up and called the head to warn her. *eye roll*

  15. Hi Roger. I have a feeling that the Friends of the Library ended up selling them for .50/ea. or something like that. As an aside other librarians are telling me that their libraries received these as well… All kinds of libraries, even the technical library at Three Mile Island has apparently received these sets.

  16. how often do your scientology books get checked out of the library by readers?

  17. I work in a hospital library and received a box of Scientology books in December. Made my head hurt trying to figure out why they’d be sent there.

  18. Hi Nursemyra! Knowing that would mean that I would need to care… If I remember today I’ll check the circulation statistics on them and report back. However, I don’t imagine they are well circulated because we just got them.

  19. Hiya Heidi! It does provoke quite a bit of confusion doesn’t it? Did you order these? WHO ordered these things? Where is the PO? What the hell is happening here? 🙂

  20. this is why I would never even use that word. ILL a piece of blue sky and read the stuff on, it’ll change your opinion from kooky cult to full-blown criminal org. p.s. I’m looking at fundamentals of thought right now, but I can’t find my favorite part from the old ed, where lron says, “you can trust us as long as you are one of us.” That’s scary. find the old 197# (when lron was with body, hence the real texts) editon to see. I wonder if they remove all negative text with each new edition. (I have my reasons for fearing the crap out of them.)

  21. Wouldn’t religious intolerance be a matter in question if you didn’t keep any of their work at all?

    And obviously.. Mr. Anonymous doesn’t realize that this is your blog and you can choose to say what you wish. He/She must not realize that is what free speech is all about. 🙂

  22. Hi Ashley!

    Hello Anon: For the record, I personally think that Scientology is a little more than a little kooky… And was probably just a money making scheme by L. Ron.

  23. First: Scientology is not a religion.

    Second: Yes! My library got that dump, too! The Acquisitions Librarian put the materials into our school’s Book Sale which helps to fund scholarships. We already have “Dianetics” in our collection and that’s enough.

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  25. Hiya Amy H! Thanks for stopping by. BTW, Scientology does fit Websters definition of a religion, then again so does atheism… Faith that their is/are no god(s) to have faith in.

  26. I work in a Music Library and we received a big box of those same books a few months ago! And a friend of mine that works in another library in the city said they also got the same stuff too.

  27. Totally aside from what one thinks about Scientology, I don’t understand a library that says they “don’t have room” for books donated, especially when they’re brand new editions of books about something as controversial and in the news as Scientology has been lately. I have yet to see a library that’s seriously hurting for space, and yet all libraries are constantly turning down donations of books and discontinuing many more.

    I think libraries should house books. Period. As many as possible. Until they’re putting shelves in the hallways and the offices and the restrooms to hold them all.

    The “we don’t have room” thing really chafes my ass, especially when most libraries have dusty moldy old reference works like “Who’s Who In Veterinary Science, 1952” that haven’t been touched in decades.

  28. It’s funny because the Scientology crime syndicate has been running out of marks, rubes, and suckers who will purchase the old bait-and-switch bunko frauds any more thanks to the Intertubes.

    These insane crooks force their remaining customers to purchase these materials to send out to innocent bystanders — like libraries and public schools — which always throw them in the trash or try to send them back to the crime syndicate.

    If they’re sent back, Scientoloft sells them again to the next fool who stupidly thinks that by giving Scientology money to mail this crap out they’re “saving humanity” and “fighting the Marcabian invasion fleet” and no end of insane L. Ron Hubbard frauds.

    Scientology has at most some 40,000 remaining customers world wide, and their revenues are a tiny fraction of what they once were — thanks a large part to the ARSCC which Scientology started attacking since 1993 and which have systematically exposed and innoculated to the point where Scientology finds it difficult to find suckers in Westernized nations who don’t have Internet access and still fall for the scams.

    Anonymous came on board for the same reasons that the ARSCC started opposing Scientology’s crimes and abuses, and while Anonymous started out being childish and stupid, they quickly ramped up to speed and researched what it was exactly they were opposing. Video Journalist Mark Bunker helped out with that effort to tweak Anonymous in to legitimate venues and the result has been overwhelmingly positive.

    In my opinion Scientology is organized crime. What they doi to their own customers is criminal. That they’re trying to make their remaining customers purchase books, DVDs, and other crap to send out to people who know what Scientology is and does and discards the crap into the trash is yet “more of the same” financial fraud that Scientology was created for in the first place.

    Still, we’re dismantleing the crime syndicate one customer at a time. Soon the criminal enterprise will exist only in third world shitholes where no Internet exists.

    All this is my opinions only and only my opinions, as always.

  29. Hi Andy: Libraries are NOT just about books anymore, and libraries are not meant to be for book storage. That’s an archive, not a library. I’ve yet to see ANY library that has enough space. Guys, does anyone reading this have enough space in their library?

    Many libraries are even hosting Wii tournaments these days. If we were all about books we would have been out of business a long time ago. What you’re talking about is how libraries select materials for their collections. Different libraries use different criteria for this. Many libraries require that an item be reviewed in a professional journal like Booklist before it can be purchased. Many also immediately purchase books on the Times Bestsellers List.

    Other factors go into materials selection as well, notablly the items condition, the validity of its information, and the timeliness of its information, you wouldn’t want medial or legal advice from the 1930’s. There’s a lot more that we factor in before we deem something of value to the collection and process it…

    Thanks for commenting Fredric!

  30. Andy Warhol’s Mum.

    Have you even BEEN to a library in the last 20 years?!

    Woeful put it way more eloquently than I could, so all I’m going to say is this:


    Go back to your Scientology Love-In, because your comment seems to be a veiled promotion of their wares.

    [Woeful – sorry to use your blog as a forum to rage against one commenter in particular, but I am so enraged for your, and my, profession, and you were far too polite:o)]

  31. Hi Soph… Trying to raise people’s awareness of what we do is a full-time job.

  32. The church USED to be a church, it is now a cult. You will not find scientology practiced in the church anymore. It has been altered out of all recognition. The only scientology you will find these days is in the Scientology Freezone.

  33. Hi Mike: I know that the Church insists that Scientology can work with other religions… Although they say that it only works with polytheistic religions. Sadly, this counts a lot of post Ra worshipers out.

  34. Not only do we get the Scientology books in our public libraries, but The “Church” sends L. Ron Hubbard paperbacks to the middle school media centers in our area to try to convert the teens. One smart media specialist ended up taking them to Borders and exchanging them for Literature she felt was more appropriate for her collection. Borders actually took them, so she thanks her local Church of Scientology for Collection Development!

  35. wow cruise is fucking nuts! he can’t go on vacation because he “knows” WTF?

  36. Just some feedback from a regular library user — I’ve found it extremely useful to be able to check out a wide selection of Scientology books through Interlibrary Loan. Then again, the ones I’ve found MOST useful to be able to check out are the older ones, which frequently contain admissions and claims that the CURRENT CoS wants everyone to believe Never Happened. It’s lovely when Scientologists claim that Scientologists have always been commanded to obey the law of the land and I’m able to quote the passages which make it a high crime for Scientologists NOT to aid Scientology fugitives…

  37. The Church of Scientology is donating a basic books package to every public library and university library on earth. That’s a lot of libraries, and some of the libraries on their list, obviously, were wrongly included. You try making a list of all the libraries in the world without making some mistakes. Scientology books in libraries do get checked out and read, by people who want to get the straight info, minus the vomit from the Anonymous creeps who haven’t a clue what the religion of Scientology is actually about, and minus the anti-religious bigotry of many bloggers who think they know something that just ain’t so.

  38. Hi Dave: Yeah, I know… He knows! LMAO!!

    Hello AF: Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a great service and something I should have mentioned above in my comment about materials selection. We don’t need to have everything. Through ILL chances are that we can get it if we don’t own it. Thanks for reading!

  39. Hi Jay: I understand that one set was sent to the technical library at Three Mile Island. That cracked me up! And yes, I’m sure the titles circulate… If they didn’t we wouldn’t include them.

  40. […] Apparently we’re not the only ones who have been receiving packages like this recently. […]

  41. I love the idea that no public library could possibly be so cramped for space that they couldn’t accept any and all donations. We had the government’s inspectors in the other year and one of them tried to take a kid’s book off a shelf and it was so packed that the whole shelf-load literally came with it. At the time we were seriously underperforming against the government’s additions to stock targets, too!

    It’s been a few years since we had one of these physical spam attacks. We received five copies of each book for each of our many libraries, including the Local Studies Library.

  42. We got them, too.

    Regarding space issues and donations: We are constantly weeding out old materials to make room for the new, due to the fact that we HAVE NO SPACE. We can’t circulate everything that’s donated to the library because, once again, we HAVE NO SPACE (and 75% of the donated materials are covered with disgusting goo/cigarette burns/mud, etc, etc).

  43. I highly recommend that Culture Geeks video, for the most part, it’s the same stuff we got!

    Hi Kevin & K: Thanks for stopping by. Space is ALWAYS an issue!

  44. Hey Woeful, sorry if people are abrasive with you. I’m sure you get special interest groups demanding why their particular area isn’t represented better in your collection all the time.

    Scientology has tried very hard for a long time to control all information about their corporate-controlled cult. They’re very litigious, and have intimidated most major media into ignoring them. I can see now that libraries aren’t exempt from this.

    Keep in mind that Scientology has their own printing facilities, and use unpaid Scientologist labour to produce their materials. So don’t feel bad about selling or disposing of their materials.

  45. Jay, some libraries don’t want or need Scientology books. Examples off the top of my head: a middle or elementary school library, a technical library, an academic library/archive (the thingy that holds a shitload of journals/publications), the technical library mentioned above, etc.

    Why can’t Scientology just send polite letters asking “Hey, you want some free books if you haven’t already got ’em?” instead of sending them unsolicited? The way they’re currently doing it is a waste of their money, which should be used for other things, like paying their staff members’ wages, or harassing people who criticize them.

  46. We received the same boxes of unsolicited materials and donated them to the public library’s fundraiser book sale.

  47. Actually Scientology started out as philosophy/self help but then was changed over to a religion to get the tax breaks. You can read all about that on the web 🙂

    Thanks for a nice blog.

  48. I cried the day I learned Beck was a scientologist. 😦

  49. why not put them on a shelf along with with the full advanced doctrines which are now freely available on the Internet in handy PDF format thx to Anon 🙂

  50. […] Do like this post (in fact I like this blog) about Scientologists sending boxes of unsolicited books to a […]

  51. Thanks for commenting everyone. I had no idea that this post would elicit such a response. Keep reading.!

  52. Jeebus, Woe! What a daring post.

    Lord Xenu is proud of you!

  53. Hi Jason: LOL… The shipment was just too hard to ignore! Do you know if you guys got any Scientology donations?

  54. “Then they came for the Scientologists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Scientologist”.

  55. Werner, nobody’s “coming for’ Scientologists. We just don’t want your books, okay? Not interested. No, thank you. Oh, I’ve already got a religion, so by all means keep yours…

    Nobody has a beef with individual Scientologists at all!
    Are YOU out harassing critics?
    Are YOU currently fair-gaming 20-year-old picketers?
    Did YOU kill Mudkips the cat? Are YOU personally telling people not to talk to their moms because Mom had some questions?
    Did YOU harass the IRS to get tax-exempt status?
    Did YOU help cover up manslaughter in the Lisa McPherson case?
    Did YOU try to get Paulette Cooper put in jail or a mental institution?

    No? Well, no worries! We’re sorry that some of your leaders may have to answer for those things in a court of law, but it can’t be helped. Rule of law and all that good stuff, you know?

    Repeat: We don’t want Scientology. We don’t want the books. We don’t want to be fairgamed or bothered. We don’t care what you believe. We DO care what you DO.

    Got it? That’s all.
    Now leave us alone, ‘kay?

  56. THE CHURCH CHARGES MEMBERS TO DONATE THESE BOOKS TO YOU. The members pay about $6,000 per set of 18 books and 30 cd’s. I think there would be legal trouble if you sent them back and they did not issue a refund… So PLEASE DO.

  57. It is a $6,000 donation for the books they send you. I think that is actually like 15 sets. But the books are published BY the church’s own P.O.D. company and because they are a church they pay their “sea org.” employee’s (who sign billion year contracts) 36 cents per hour. – It gets worse. But that is all I am going to say

  58. When I was 12 I started looking in the library for answers to life. There was a small section on religion , philosophy and self-help. It was incredable that I had the luck and right to study and make my own decisions about these subjects. I believe that is what a free country is all about. People who try to stop others from reading and researching for themselves are the truly insane. People who make statements without even having read any of the books they are attacking are , duh, trying to brainwash people, wouldn’t you say.

  59. We provide the info so you can be the judge. Thanks for stopping by Karen!

  60. Isn’t Jeffrey Jones the guy who got caught with a bunch of child porn involving young boys? Maybe there’s a reason he looks like ol’ L. “why write for a penny a word when I can make up a religion and get rich?” Ron Hubbard….

  61. Yep.

  62. Hey Karen Kettner…How much money have you had to spend to be part of this “religion”? Here is a list of the “courses” you have taken and have probably paid a pretty penny for:

    Be careful. This is a dangerous criminal cult. This past April, Norwegian student Kaja Ballo killed herself after getting a personality test from your so-called religion. Google Lisa McPherson to learn more about this evil cult. There is life and true freedom outside of scientology.

  63. Thanks for sharing all this great insider information, it’s been put to very good use!

  64. Thanks for stopping by anonlover… And thanks for the mention!

  65. I know I’m a little late to the party, here, but a Scientology Basics course goes for about $3000 on eBay. So, you know, if you need to do some fund raising…

  66. I loved someone for twenty years of my life and they were ordered by Scientology to “disconnect” from me. Scientology separates family members and promotes fear and intolerance. Scientology is a cult, they hurt people, I know because I have been victimized by them. Scientology uses fear and intimidation to control people. Please shine the light on this cult of fear and stop them hurting others.

  67. Attention! More Scientology books may be headed to your library!

    According to Scientology, they say that they need more money from their members because libraries in the following states (listed below) are requesting sets of books for their libraries. This is simply not true.

    It’s sad that Scientology members are falling for this scam and forking over their hard earned money, and that they think they are filling a libray with LRH tech books.

    Perhaps libraries should post a warning in each library stating something to the effect of: “Our library did NOT request more LRH books. If Scientology has asked you to contibute money towards that cause, please be aware that this library did NOT request LRH books”
    Here is a copy of the email that went to Scientology members:
    Date: January 23, 2009

    Dear Scientologist,

    The demand for LRH books in the libraries is a roar unparalleled at even the Superbowl. The target is to complete the entire Library Campaign for the LRH Birthday Game celebration 2009. Below are the US states requesting additional sets of the LRH Basic Books. We want to know:
    1) Which state should be done first?
    2) Why?
    3) What do you feel is the best & fastest way to go about getting that state done?
    Here are the states left and how much for each:

    ALABAMA 268 Sets Remaining $120,600 Needed

    ALASKA 42 Sets Remaining $18,900 Needed

    ARKANSAS 115 Sets Remaining $51,750 Needed

    CALIFORNIA 612 Sets Remaining $275,400 Needed

    COLORADO 146 Sets Remaining $65,700 Needed

    CONNECTICUT 150 Sets Remaining $67,500 Needed

    DELAWARE 21 Sets Remaining $9,450 Needed

    GEORGIA 216 Sets Remaining $97,200 Needed

    IDAHO 64 Sets Remaining $28,800 Needed

    ILLINOIS 418 Sets Remaining $188,100 Needed

    INDIANA 220 Sets Remaining $99,000 Needed

    IOWA 254 Sets Remaining $114,300 Needed

    KANSAS 175 Sets Remaining $78,750 Needed

    KENTUCKY 224 Sets Remaining $100,800 Needed

    LOUISIANA 154 Sets Remaining $69,300 Needed

    MAINE 134 Sets Remaining $60,300 Needed

    MARYLAND 148 Sets Remaining $66,600 Needed

    MASSACHUSETTS 274 Sets Remaining $123,300 Needed

    MINNESOTA 190 Sets Remaining $85,500 Needed

    MISSISSIPPI 172 Sets Remaining $77,400 Needed

    MISSOURI 200 Sets Remaining $90,000 Needed

    MONTANA 56 Sets Remaining $25,200 Needed

    NORTH CAROLINA 222 Sets Remaining $99,900 Needed

    NORTH DAKOTA 49 Sets Remaining $22,050 Needed

    NEBRASKA 128 Sets Remaining $57,600 Needed

    NEVADA 51 Sets Remaining $22,950 Needed

    NEW HAMPSHIRE 110 Sets Remaining $49,500 Needed

    NEW MEXICO 81 Sets Remaining $36,450 Needed

    NEW YORK 595 Sets Remaining $267,750 Needed

    OHIO 363 Sets Remaining $163,350 Needed

    OKLAHOMA 123 Sets Remaining $55,350 Needed

    OREGON 122 Sets Remaining $54,900 Needed

    PENNSYLVANIA 378 Sets Remaining $170,100 Needed

    RHODE ISLAND 47 Sets Remaining $21,150 Needed

    SOUTH CAROLINA 111 Sets Remaining $49,950 Needed

    TENNESSEE 163 Sets Remaining $73,350 Needed

    TEXAS 415 Sets Remaining $186,750 Needed

    UTAH 59 Sets Remaining $26,550 Needed

    VERMONT 86 Sets Remaining $38,700 Needed

    VIRGINIA 225 Sets Remaining $101,250 Needed

    WEST VIRGINIA 88 Sets Remaining $39,600 Needed

    WASHINGTON D.C. 58 Sets Remaining $26,100 Needed

    WISCONSIN 251 Sets Remaining $112,950 Needed

    WYOMING 40 Sets Remaining $18,000 Needed

    Thank you.

    Survey I/C ASHO Foundation

  68. I know of NO libraries that have too much space or too many staff members. Yah right, you all have an obligation to archive the bordering-on-the-illiterate works of Hubbard. To any scientologists reading this: check out how your hard earned money is being sucked up by the organization of scientology.

    Libraries beware: incoming books!! so sorry the cult will be wasting your precious resources yet again.

  69. So, Scientology sent your library these books unsolicited? The basics set? You realize people shell out thousands of dollars for this set.

    Does anyone know how I could get a hand on one of these donated sets? I’d love to have a set but can’t afford it. Please let me know. Email me at

  70. Just go the the library David. If they have multiple sets they’re probably selling them for cheap in their book sale to raise funds for other materials and services they don’t already own.

  71. I found a set at the local recycle center. hahaha… Some socially responsible librarian that didn’t want that bullshit in the library, no doubt. I sending it right to CL for some cold hard cash, baby!

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