Spaced Out

Let me just write that Space Ace is making me fucking nuts. It was a wickedly busy day today and in the midst of it I had to take a 30 minute pause to help him post a couple of ads to Craigslist. It was a circular conversation that I have no intention of rehashing here lest I experience a cerebral meltdown. In the middle of the conversation he started talking some crazy shit about his involvement in NASA… Anyway, I’m glad to write that currently I’m safely tucked way at home, and drinking my second Johnny Walker Black, thank you very much.

~ by Woeful on March 19, 2008.

11 Responses to “Spaced Out”

  1. raising my glass of shiraz in your direction….


  2. Cheers!

  3. Jeesh, Woeful, it is way too early in the marriage to be taking your comfort in a scotch bottle. Go seduce your bride.

  4. *comfort!!!*

  5. Hi Max: That would be a better scenario all around! >:)

    Thanks Cara.

  6. I bet if he was posting a pro Obama rave on craigslist you would have been tripping over yourself to help him

  7. LOL… I hear Antarians are largely apolitical. I think he’s trying to sell his van and his double-wide so that he can afford the parts he needs for his spaceship in order to get back home.

  8. If our patrons only knew how much drinking they inspire…

  9. How is it your duty to help anyone on a computer? I could understand helping someone that’s logged into your database to find where a book is located. Other then that???

  10. Hi PartyLib! They are very inspirational in this way aren’t they…

  11. Hi There Upset! I spend about half of my time working the Reference Desk which can be anything from, “Do you have this book?” to “Where can I donate my airplane?” (yes I got this question once) and everything in between which includes instruction as to how to do research and how to use our digital resources (databases and computers, etc.) So yeah, it’s fun sometimes when someone has never even used a mouse before to get them started on their journey into cyberspace…

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