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Except for a rash of people falling asleep in the library who need to be woken up, nothing much has been going on @ the Library… We’ve had our share of technical problems over the last couple of weeks that have kept me busy but nothing amusing or exciting has happened that I would consider to be blogworthy. The weirdest thing that I’ve seen lately was a guy who took off his shoes, then curled up in the fetal position on one of our sofas to read a book. In the grand scheme of things, this is hardly worth mentioning…

Therefore, I’m going to post a little political rant about a few things that have happened over the last several days that haven’t been all that kosher. First NAFTAgate: The memo that prompted Ohio voters to support Senator Clinton in droves has been proven to be a steaming pile of crap that the conservative Canadian government leaked to try to sway our election. This isn’t cool. Canada, please stay out of our politics, we have enough problems all on our own thank you very much… I’m sure that many Ohio voters are thrilled today that they cast their votes based on a fabrication. Our media should be doing a better job of letting people know that this whole flap was a farce, sadly they seem to be asleep at the wheel… WTF people?

Next up on our venting list is Texas. The media keeps telling us that Clinton won Texas. This is not accurate, Clinton won the Texas primary but that’s only 2/3 of the battle. The final piece of the puzzle, the caucus, hasn’t been fully tabulated as of yet, but when all is said and done it looks like Senator Obama will win Texas by a three delegate margin. When the final numbers are in, I certainly hope that this will be front page news.

Now, I’d like to write something about negative campaigning. Senator Clinton has decided to embark on a negative campaign that can only bolster the Republican smear machine. One of the rules of politics is that you don’t give the opposition party any ammunition that will ultimately fuel the destruction of your nominee. Not to mention the fact that she has outright endorsed John McCain in the event that she doesn’t get the nomination! Democratic insiders really love this kind of thing, and I’m sure it’s winning her throngs of superdelegates, especially now that the Devil Karl Rove has signed on to be one of McCain’s advisers.

On a positive note, Obama won today’s Wyoming caucus with 61.4% of the vote! On Tuesday, Obama is expected to route Clinton in Mississippi further adding to his already insurmountable delegate lead… After that it’s on to Pennsylvania, and that is anyone’s guess. One thing, however, is for certain. Hillary Clinton has a really bad math problem, and the longer this goes on the worse it gets. Lastly, if Florida and Michigan decide to hold re-dos it doesn’t get any better for her. Michigan will go to Obama (especially if they caucus), and although Hillary will most likely win Florida, Obama will earn enough delegates to quell her aspirations.

Senator Clinton is not going gently, but go she will.. The only question is, how much damage will she do to the Democratic Party before she leaves?


~ by Woeful on March 8, 2008.

18 Responses to “Political Venting”

  1. “Canada, please stay out of our politics”

    That’s rich… considering how much interference America runs in other countries (from assassinating leaders to inserting troops to fomenting rebellion to trying to tell citizens who to vote for). Maybe if your country shuts the f*ck up and stays out of countries where it isn’t wanted and doesn’t belong you’ll have the right to whine about stuff like this. Otherwise, spare me.

  2. Please note that this is directed at the current Canadian administration and not at the good people of Canada. I totally agree, and unless everyone stops trying to fuck this up for Obama, we’re all going to get a nice big dose of the John McCain hour, otherwise known as 100 Years Of War Guy… Get it? This would be bad news for me, you, and everyone else except Blackwater, OPEC, and a select few.

  3. woeful, one of the things I admire about your blog is the respect you show to other people’s comments even when they criticise something you’ve written about.

    you must be a well balanced person in ‘real life’


  4. Thanks Marny. In this case, I really do like the Canadian people. I have a few Canadian friends (hey to Guelph) and they’re really cool!

  5. Interesting about John McCain. Eep.

  6. I have no comment on your post even though I read it. I avoid politics at all cost. But I do have a comment on your comments. I agree with nursey. 🙂

  7. Bloggrrl returns… Welcome back!

    Thanks Upset Waitress!

  8. What I found interesting of late is Bill Clinton’s comments about a joint ticket. Maybe if Hillary can’t be president she’ll take vice-pres as last resort? Assuming that Bill isn’t talking out of turn again. I don’t think he’d make a good “First Spouse.” I also noticed there is absolutely no comment on this from the Obama camp (at least that I’ve seen/heard). I’m betting he isn’t remotely interested in having Hillary as his vice-pres, nor do I think he’d want to be hers. It wouldn’t really fit with his new start philosophy.

  9. Hi Coastal! While campaigning in Wyoming, Barack ruled out the possibility of himself running as a VP. I think you’re absolutely right, not that I think Clinton would be a bad VP, she just doesn’t mesh with his philosophy. Actually, I think an Obama/Edwards ticket would rock!

    As an aside, some of my paranoid friends raised the possibility of Obama pulling a Kennedy if he chooses Hillary to be his VP. They’re afraid he wouldn’t make it to January because of some kind of “accident.”

  10. oh dear…. the whole dogfight is making me tired. of course, hillary is doing a pit bull thing right now. i don’t like it. i don’t like any of it. i just hope they don’t devour each other and ruin everything which is where it seems they’re going….

  11. To his credit, Obama is still taking the high road. He needs to pound away on her regarding what she calls “experience.” This would be totally valid. There is a lot there (actually there’s not much there) to pick apart. She isn’t doing anything anymore except hurting the Democratic Party… Especially after her endorsement of McCain, and her insinuation that Barack is not Muslim “As far as I know.” Shameful!

  12. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. If you wonder why the media hasn’t clarified anything on the NAFTA memo – it’s because we have a corporate-controlled media which works not to inform the public, but to further enrich their corporate ownership. That being the case, they won’t do anything to help Obama on this, as they really want Clinton/McCain – who have proven that they are corporate-friendly.

    You’ve got good points on Texas, but I think the above applies to the media’s refusal to be honest on this point as well.

    Clinton’s negative campaigning may sink the Dems in November. Her insistence on staying in the race beyond having a realistic shot, and engaging in negative campaigning Republican-style – especially when combined with her endorsement of McCain – ensures a long, bloody fight among the Dems and a stronger position for McCain.

    The VP discussions are a waste of time, IMO. Clinton will not be Obama’s VP, and why should Obama agree to being Clinton’s VP when he LEADS the race for Pres? Not happening.

    I hadn’t heard that McCain had hired Rove. Just more proof that he isn’t the decent guy he’s portrayed as in the media. How do you hire the guy who killed your previous run for Pres by push-polling South Carolinians suggesting that your adopted daughter was actually your illegitimate black child?

    I probably sound like an Obama fan. I’m not. I’m not convinced he’s the right choice. In fact, I voted for Clinton (back before the negative campaigning – had she started that, I would have voted for Obama). However, Obama has won, it’s time for her to get out before she completely destroys the Dem chances in November (although it looks like that’s her intention these days).

  13. Hi Arkham: None of this is any good. All of this has to be wrapped up by the end of the week in May when North Carolina and Indiana vote at the latest or it’s going to be very ugly. It’s already become counter productive. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Hillary in the last couple of weeks. I even thought about not voting at all if she somehow manages to steal the nomination, but the alternative (McCain) is totally unacceptable so I can’t do that. It’s too bad because I really liked her before she decided to implement Republican tactics against her own Party to get ahead. This is one of the things that Obama is trying desperately to change, the question is, how does he do that when he has to keep defending himself instead of what he should be doing at this time… defining himself so that he can beat McCain?

    * A brief note about Texas: Obama came from a 20 point deficit to basically tie Hillary in about two weeks. He did that despite the fact that Limbaugh got thousands of Republicans to turn Democrat for one day and vote for Hillary. No matter how she spins it, Texas was a loss. Perception is important in politics, but it isn’t everything.

  14. Yes. Hillary’s endorsement of McCain is beyond the pale. Desperate and vicious and destructive.

  15. Hello Grind! LOL… I love that avatar of yours. Hillary has definitely crossed the line. That first article I linked to in my comment above has a great quote about her turning into the political equivalent of a suicide bomber, willing to take herself out and anyone who gets in her way if she can’t get what she’s after. Not cool!

    She’s also going after Barack over his relationship with Rezko. This really doesn’t seem to be too much of a deal. It doesn’t seem like he crossed any lines. Anyone with the skeletons that she has in her closet (Whitewater anyone) should refrain from taking the ethical high ground on something like this. I just finished reading an article in the NY Times that states Obama donated every cent of the money Rezko gave him to charity. This is just another sign of sad desperation on her part… But like I wrote, be careful what memories you dredge up for your own sake. This isn’t too bright a move from an otherwise very bright woman.

  16. and why are you waking up these sleeping people? the library is the best place to sleep.

  17. If they’re just napping we tend to look the other way… But when they begin snoring and disturbing other patrons we have to take action.

  18. We’ll stay out of your politics if you stay out of ours….

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