Excellent Advice From President Clinton


~ by Woeful on March 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “Excellent Advice From President Clinton”

  1. Way to go, Bill! Send ’em to the candidate whose message is “HOPE”. Good plan!

  2. Yeah, I’m not so sure about all that crazy optimistic hope talk… WTF?

  3. Related: Not sure if you’ve seen it, but it’s funny anyhow, especially about polo…


  4. Sounds like great advice to me (even if he will end up sleeping in the couch for it, haha). Then again, I am willing to bet most the sheeple will vote for the fearmongering moron anyways. I so want to believe (and yet, people prove their stupidity time and again *sighs*).

  5. I like Clinton, I just don’t think that she’s the best choice here. This Story really impressed me… Obama keeps impressing me. Every time I think he’s maxed out his innovative ideas he comes up with something else. He wants to hire the best people for the jobs despite party affiliations… What a novel idea, the best qualified candidates!

  6. this is fantastic! there is nothing like watching a politician eat their words. it makes you wonder if he is trying to get Hilary to leave him.

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