Australia paid $189 million on a porn filter that doesn’t work. My favorite quote from the article that Mashable links to is: ‘Sixteen-year-old Tom Wood, aka “The Porn Cracker”, who shot to national prominence when he showed the new NetAlert filters could be bypassed by any savvy teenager in a matter of minutes, said the scheme had been a waste of time and money.’

… Am I the only one who finds it amusing that a savvy kid named “Wood” who is also known as “The Porn Cracker” has shot to national prominence after a brief demonstration of his skills?


~ by Woeful on February 20, 2008.

12 Responses to “Oops!”

  1. No. I am equally amused and was going to comment on that very thought had you not done it first. Really? Tom Wood? Fantastic.

  2. LOL… You can’t make this stuff up Rachel.

  3. What’s funny is the kid probably spends a lot of time and energy hiding the fact that he looks at porn from his parents, as most 16 year old boys do. Guess that cat’s kinda out of the bag now, isn’t it?

    Funny you wrote about porn. We had our own episode of a teen cracking our filter … and then, um, well, let’s just say he sorta lost the handle on containing himself. That’s always fun to deal with. Oy.

  4. Some things are better than fiction.

  5. yes, very embarrassing for australia. and Tom Wood is destined to be a porn star. Lucky tom 🙂

  6. and because it was exactly such a hopeless program, our new government is therefore going to make it isp level filtering. hmmm. hmmmm.

  7. He’s definitely out in the open now, G.

    Let’s hope that’s not his only claim to fame in life Max!

    LOL… Marny… Tom Wood is an excellent porn name!!

    ISP level? I’m sure if Tommy Wood has enough time he’s foil that too. 😉

  8. The Porn Cracker? That is one serious handle. Indeed, the kid has a future in either porn, or more likely as some highly paid cyber security consultant or other. I can see it now: “Tom Wood & Associates, Cyber Security. If the Porn Cracker can hack it, you are better off without it.”

  9. Tom Wood would be only better if his name was richard…

    My friend is a teacher in the Bronx and she said that the school blocked some key words. So kids can’t do a report on ‘breast’ cancer, but they can look up ‘hot horny girls’ and find all the porn they want on the school computers.

    Sad. 😦

  10. Point is, they’re gonna get their porn no matter what. lol@Wood.

  11. I heard Tom Wood being interviewd on the radio this afternoon, talking about the isp level filtering. for a 16 year old he sounded really together

  12. Oh wow. A porn filter..I mean really.

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