Marketing Maladies

I just came across a story at Gawker that states marketers are putting flavored advertisements into magazines. We all know about the stinky fragrance ads, but this adds a whole new dimension to what is sure to be a disgusting biohazard at libraries all over the place. I for one do not want to deal with magazines that have been tasted by our clientele… Gross!

~ by Woeful on February 13, 2008.

23 Responses to “Marketing Maladies”

  1. aw.. come on… just a little lick… 🙂

  2. Eeew. That goes right up there with the dental floss sample in the magazine.

  3. May I just say…..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  4. LOL… It’s not you I’m, worried about Marny.

  5. Haaaa! You remembered that Max. Exactly what I was thinking.

    Hiya Jennielaw: Thanks for commenting. Keep reading!

  6. Like I could forget.

  7. Oh, yuck. Magazines get disgusting enough at public libraries without this. I shudder to think… Glad I have a subscription now to the one magazine I actually read. Not that Archaeology seems likely to have a lot of lickable ads. Mmmm…dirt!

  8. What’s the division of labor like there? Anyway to get yourself out of periodicals on a permanent basis? Sounds to me like you need to get while the gettin’s good.

  9. The best “sensory” magazine ad I ever saw was a Rolling Stone ad for the TV show “Weeds.” You pulled open a strip and it smelled like pot.
    I’m surprised some of our patrons didn’t try to roll it up and smoke it.

  10. flavored ads …now I’ll look less like a pervert when we get in the SI swimsuit issue…

  11. We already have weird guys who come in and lick the magazines to begin with. I guess licking the picture of a fashion model gets them off somehow … I suppose this is our equivalent to Porn Man.

    Last thing we need is for “mentally balanced” patrons to start licking the magazines, too … can’t think of a better way to spread disease, can you?

    Honestly, what are these advertisers thinking?

    The conspiracy theorist in me says the advertisers are probably doing this in partnership with the pharmaceuticals. You make ads everyone wants to lick, germs are spread, and medication sales rise as a result. Hopefully the advertisers were smart enough to negotiate at least 10% of the profits. 😉

  12. I’m only interested in the scratch & sniff coke myself…

  13. That is pretty damn disgusting!

    PS–I’ve been meaning to say this since I found this place, but your blog is awesome.

  14. Oh no! I start my new job cataloging serials next week! At least I think I only have to deal with them when they’re new and unlicked, hahaha. :X

  15. This is extremely distressing. I shudder to think what some of our more seedy patrons would do with something like this. Not to mention children. And a combination of the two? It is a horrifying thought. I just know that someone would end up having to cut those things out of the magazines.

    Also, effing, your comment about SI, hilarious!

  16. Thanks a lot Jae!

    Cara, new is good… If they ever have to go to mending, however, I recommend destroying them with extreme prejudice.

    Welcome Whattimeisitinthere… I don’t normally deal with children so this didn’t even cross my mind. Let me reiterate – GROSS!!

    Thanks for commenting everyone! Little did I that this tasty offering would elicit such a response… Who knew?

  17. It’s like already chewed bubble gum. Nasty.

  18. It is truly vile, Upset Waitress.

  19. Thanks for the welcome! This is whattimeisithere, but Rachel works. I don’t mind either one, but Rachel is easier to type. 🙂

  20. We remove other samples, perfume strips, coupon inserts, etc (along with the excess of subscription cards) because our patrons will fight each other for them and then complain endlessly if they don’t get the *prize* in the new issues. Or just steal the new issues to get them. Our magazine gal came across a flavored sample in the new People and promptly removed it with a loud “Ew!” She offered it to our staff but nobody wanted to try it…

  21. OK Rachel!

    Just another thing to remove I guess Christie… Thanks for commenting!

  22. Max! There are dental floss samples now? What magazine is this?

    I wonder what flavors the skin mags will be offering…

  23. It’s a reference to an old post where a dental floss sampler was included with a newspaper. NASTY!

    … Flavors? Anything but cherry I guess? 😉

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