We have a Nearegular who comes in who straddles the line of sanity. Most of the time she is “just” on the sane side of the line, but she has a tendency to drift over to paranoia and back fluctuating between the two states of consciousness. She is, however, usually together enough to have an extended conversation with which is more than I can say about a lot of people who frequent the Library. Sadly, today she was clearly over the line, and the “saner” she wasn’t about to make an appearance despite my very best coaxing.

She became upset while on the Internet as she attempted to access a certain military base’s website. When she clicked the link a window popped up stating that the security certificate on the site could not be verified as authentic. Let me tell you, this is not a good thing to happen to someone who already thinks the government is after her… But I digress. Anyway, she called me over and asked me what she should do, but never actually stopped to listen to what I had to say.

Instead, she ranted about how her daughter just briefed a Four-Star General, and now with this (certificate problem), that “they” were going to put the both of them, “through the ringer.” She wasn’t about to click the link because she said that satellites were already being redirected to gather data on both her and her daughter as we spake… There was no time to lose, and since they already have so much information as it is, she didn’t want any part of it.

Abruptly she stopped talking and said, “Well, that’s it for me today,” then quickly looked around the room and clicked “Done,” ending her session. This is good, because I was pretty done myself.


~ by Woeful on February 11, 2008.

15 Responses to “Paranoia”

  1. haven’t you got a “gimcrack” to send her to over there?

  2. Actually Marny, the gimcrack is only a few blocks away… But you can only help people who want to be helped. 😉

  3. We once had an old man who would come in everyday and fill scraps of paper completely with cramped, TINY writing while he looked through our books on Revelations. One day he approached and asked me if I slept okay at night. When I replied in the affirmative, he wanted to know how the hell I could with the government lasers shining through the windows because he hadn’t slept in a month. He said I should only buy organic vegetables because the so-called “pesticides” on more commercially grown produce was really a mind control chemical sprayed on by the U.S. government so they could control the world. Ah….life in the library, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 🙂

  4. Hi Holly! That sure sounds like the Library to me…

  5. I feel the same way as your Nearegular when I’m at the adult store!

  6. Boy, I sure don’t miss working with the public! Hearing the stories brings back some…memories, though. We had our share of…interesting patrons.

  7. Not working in a library myself you might assume I never run into these sorts. You would be mistaken because I work on a University campus and strange people hang out around here. They aren’t students. I’ve been elbowed twice in the last 24 hours while strolling about campus – apparently due to my smart mouth (I will admit to having one – it is an extension of my smart brain) which wasn’t open either time nor was any sort of sound emitting forth. I won’t be going for a walk today.

  8. I work in a place that caters to those who wear things like tinfoil hats and I’ll tell you, the stories I hear from those who deal with the general and supposedly “normal” public are that much scarier.

  9. Hi Heather: I’m sure you do see all kinds wandering around campus… Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Hi There J! Always assume any new patrons are a little off until proven otherwise… It’s safer that way.

  10. Wow, that’s nuts. I take for granted so much that I know WTF to do when random stuff like that happens on the internets. I can only imagine me trying to explain it to someone else – “Just click ok! No, I promise nothing bad will happen. You just need to click okay, I don’t know why!” Hahaha.

    By the way, I like the term “nearegular.” 🙂

  11. Thanks Cara!

  12. You really have a special talent to deal with these people. Glad it’s you and not me.

  13. Talent? Scotch is my best friend on some days…

  14. “We have a Nearegular who comes in who straddles the line of sanity. Most of the time she is “just” on the sane side of the line, but she has a tendency to drift over to paranoia and back fluctuating between the two states of consciousness”

    Mama! So that’s where you’ve been…

  15. To quote The Pixies, “Where is my mind?”

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