WTF!? This proves without a doubt, that there is no part of civilization that George W. Bush can’t completely wreck… And it comes on the heels of his recent elimination of the position for the person who oversees Freedom of Information (FOI) compliance.

… Please someone, deliver us from evil!


~ by Woeful on February 10, 2008.

11 Responses to “RIP RIF”

  1. I already didn’t have any doubts, but it doesn’t lessen the outrage. I guess when you’re that rich you’ve never met kids who’ve never owned a book before. Oh wait, I’m thinking that he might actually care. My bad.

  2. Just when I think that I can’t be surprised by Bush’s policies, he always does something else to lower the bar.

  3. I’m torn on this one. On the one hand this is an utterly reprehensible — though scarcely surprising — decision. On the other hand I wish our bunch would cut down on the rash of reading initiaives we have to try to keep tabs on. Somewhere there must be a happy medium!

  4. Agreed, a new low for that moron and his callous administration.

  5. Yeah, but RIF is the granddaddy of them all… And is the money saved actually going to be used to fund other initiatives? I think it more likely that it’s going to buy more uranium depleted weaponry.

  6. Bush is the biggest justification for presidential term limits ever to show up in the White House.

  7. oh that’s sad. reading is so important on so many levels. (and Max has the right idea. we got rid of johnny, hopefully, Bush’ll be out the door soon too)

  8. Amen.

  9. When is it ever going to end?

  10. I have a retired librarian friend who is involved with RIF. RE: the comment about being that rich that you’ve never met a kid that owned a book before (uh, and Mrs. Bush is a former librarian??!!) I moved here in the middle of his term as governor. A friend told me that Bush didn’t understand why there were soup kitchens in the state. Guess he didn’t visit those neighborhoods. 😛

    And one (sort of) unrelated comment. I’d been following the news about the tax rebate checks, and how Bush says Americans will put this money back into the economy by buying things…This morning on the news, I heard that Walmart reported that shoppers weren’t using up their gift cards as quickly as in years past, AND that they were mostly being used for necessity items, like food… I had to chuckle at that. It’s truly sad, but I bet those same people will be using their rebate checks for necessities.

  11. Assuming McCain doesn’t win the top job it’s going to end in about 300 days Ashley!

    I’ve already used a chunk of mine as a contribution to the Obama campaign Lemurtx. I can’t think of anything better to spend it on.

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