Space Ace Wants a Travelling Companion

Today, Space Ace told an underage girl that he won a pair of airline tickets and wanted to know if she was into joining him on his trip to Neptune, or Europa, or the Crab Nebula, or wherever he hails from. Upon learning about this, the girls father had a chat with the Library Director and the police were called. They took him into custody but he was back about an hour later because the cops can’t arrest someone for crazy talk. Space Ace is a pretty scary guy, he might not have even realized that he was asking a child to fly away with him…

In other news, Virus Guy was sentenced to 22 years. That was quick! Probably because he couldn’t afford Johnny Cochran as his attorney.


~ by Woeful on February 6, 2008.

19 Responses to “Space Ace Wants a Travelling Companion”

  1. Something like that happened at my library. A 30ish man entered the same chatroom as the 11 year-old girl that he was sitting next to. He proceeded to carry on a chat with her for about ten minutes, until she finally realized that it was him she was talking to. She freaked out and found her dad. Obviously, he went nuclear and the police were called. It was a huge deal. It solidified my belief that children shouldn’t be allowed on the internet stations in the adult area. Neither should pedophiles.

    Wow. Virus Guy’s headed up the river. Wasn’t that just a couple of weeks ago that he was arrested?

  2. Yep, it was just a few weeks back that Virus Guy was arrested!

  3. I love reading this blog because it makes me feel like I – or where I’m working/living – isn’t the only crazy place!

    Like the reader before, I also had a similar situation. This was even more bizarre because we had a guy who was a known registered sex offender – incarcerated several times over – who was recently let out and on the prowl. The uber freaky part is that he would go around with his face painted like a clown and wear a jester hat (yet the rest of him wore plain street clothes). We’re directly across the street from a middle school and one day, a bunch of the middle school girls came up to the children’s dept. complaining that freak-o was following them around the stacks.

    When I took the girls downstairs and complained to our police officer on duty, he said that he didn’t have any “probably cause” and couldn’t arrest the guy he hadn’t “done anything illegal yet”…


  4. LOL! The Jester. Creepy!
    I do uderstand why we shouldn’t jail people preemptively though…

  5. I can’t believe the previous commenter about that jester guy! That is entirely way too creepy. Shouldn’t he have been arrested for just being in the children’s section? I thought sex offenders couldn’t be so many feet from where kids typically gather? Perhaps I am mistaken.

  6. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing Lisa…

  7. Things are clearly about to get more interesting at the prison library.

  8. 😉

  9. I think Space Ace must have an alter hovering around the campus library here. Creepy.

  10. That would make some great material Max! Man, I can’t imagine what the librarians at prisons have to go through. They need to make a documentary of this.

  11. He really must be one of those special people that we all just must look over and ignore. What an interesting job you have.

  12. This sounds like a start to a Law & Order SVU in the making!

  13. Very creepy TWH.

    Hi Lisa: I don’t know too much about the penal libraries but I’m sure prison librarians would have some great stories… Anybody out there? I’d love to hear a good story from someone in the know!

    Ashley & Bryna, my life would make a good sitcom…

  14. Lord, there’s something about libraries and creepy crazy guys this month. Had one here recently. Similar notions of trips to Mars – fortunately, no minors involved.

  15. “cops can’t arrest someone for crazy talk”—I think I’m gonna make that the name of my first album. That Space Ace rocks my world!

  16. Jason, there is something about every day where I awork, and those who are looney tunes…

    Hi Tracy! Thanks for commenting.

  17. Hey, do you ever get uber rich super hot single David Beckham lookalikes that roam the library? Cuz I’m not sure those crazy people are enough to lure me back into borrowing books again.

  18. Rich, no. Good looking people who aren’t rich, and aren’t freaks… All the time.

  19. Works for me ;p

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