Barack Obama: Vision & Desire For Meaningful Change

Barack Obama

For the last several weeks, I’ve been debating whether or not to endorse a political candidate on this blog. With Super Tuesday looming, and my strong conviction that Barack Obama is the best candidate to lead America into a new era of peace and prosperity, I feel obligated to do so.

Obama has demonstrated tremendous depth and character during his tenure as a United States Senator. He was against the Iraq war from the very beginning, and he supports truly meaningful healthcare reform. Obama unifies and inspires people. He has a uniquely fresh vision, and serious potential to change the status quo in Washington. Obama believes in government transparency, and in safeguarding the privacy of the citizens of the United States.

For these reasons and many more, I endorse Senator Barack Obama for President.


~ by Woeful on February 2, 2008.

34 Responses to “Barack Obama: Vision & Desire For Meaningful Change”

  1. I just read your post, and wanted to let you know that our network is looking for people who are very interested in politics to be featured as bloggers using our blogging system. This comes with revenue sharing on all blog traffic, and an advertising initiative our marketing team is currently doing. is a place to discuss politics. If you’re interested you can email me at oliver[at]ifimpresident[dot]com.

    If not, thats fine too. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Thanks for reading Oliver:

    I’m not a political blogger, or an activist. Nor am I interested in the monetary aspects of increased traffic. For all I know I just alienated half of my readership with this post? I do thank you, however, for the suggestion, and I encourage any of my readers to give it a go if they desire.

    I posted this, because I truly believe that Obama has the best chance of getting elected, and that he will make the best President of the United States of America… Barack Obama REALLY impresses me.

    Keep Reading!

  3. My state’s primary isn’t until the 19th, which means that my vote won’t really matter unless things stay close between Obama and Clinton until then. As much as I want my vote to matter, I’m hoping that it won’t have to because Obama will have already won by then. 🙂

  4. if I were an american he could have my vote coz he looks pretty hunky in that shot. then again, I’m shallow like that 🙂

  5. Hopefully PL.

    Not that I don’t like Clinton, in fact, for the last few years I was thinking that she would make a good President. However, she just isn’t electable. She’s a divisive force, and the South despises her. Sadly, history has demonstrated that without the Southern vote a candidate never wins the Presidency. That and the fact that Obama has said and done some things during his campaign that give me real hope for the future. The man is genuine, and he’s steeped in both character and honor that none of the other candidates possess.

  6. oh come on don’t you want to see bill clinton become the first lady?

  7. LOL Dave! In all seriousness, I can’t think of any better endorsement of Barack Obama than this, and this.

  8. Have you read his book? I feel like I should, but then again, I’m not sure I’d be able to motivate even if I had it in my hands.

  9. … Which one? Dreams From My Father is on the table right in front of me.

  10. Obama is an amazing man. When I caucused for him back in January, I wasn’t sure if he would gain a large following…low and behold, he took Iowa by storm. And if a bunch of redneck hicks from the frozen central plains can choose Obama over a former first lady and a bunch of white guys, he’s got a pretty good shot at the presidency. I gain more hope every day that he will be our next leader.

  11. I am in NV, so we have already Caucused, but you better believe I was out there for Obama. A week before the caucus I was still pro-Hillary, but on the Tuesday before, Obama visited my little town outside of Reno and spoke to about 500 members of our community at the school I work at. It was amazing to hear him speak. He sounds much more personable than any other candidate out there, and whil I know politician tend to say what you want to hear, Obama seemed sincere. And I liked his health, education, and Iraq plans.

  12. Obama sounds like a real human being, not like some kind of political automaton. His ideas about Iraq (get out now), education, and healthcare (universal NOT mandatory) are refreshing. I think a lot of people think that the mandatory healthcare plan proposed by Clinton automatically means that it will be nominally priced, it doesn’t. It means that people who can’t afford it will be forced to buy it or be criminals. That’s not cool.

  13. Here is another great article outlining why Obama’s the superior choice. As an aside, here’s how much of Europe sees American politics.

  14. I think Hillary Clinton comes with too much baggage. Plus Bill seems to be more of a handicap then he should be. He can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.
    Plus I fear that the Republicans will resurrect the whole White Water issue (among others) again in an attempt to discredit her presidency. I think we need new blood and we really need a presidency that can focus it’s complete attention on the issues that matter. With a Clinton presidency the energy and focus will be in fending off Republican attacks. While I’m not naive enough to think that they will leave Obama alone, I do think they will have to work much harder at it and they are much more likely to look bad in the process. Besides, one candidate per family is more than enough, otherwise it starts to look like nepotism instead of a true democracy.

  15. I am apparently really out of touch! I didn’t know that he had more than one, but I think Dreams from my father is the one I was thinking of. (Or maybe I need to clarify – there is one he’s written himself, right? Or maybe more than one? At least one? I should just google…) What do you think of it, or what you’ve read of it so far? And does it give a good perspective on who he is and all that good stuff?

    I actually missed the registration deadline to be able to vote in the primaries here, which is a sign of my general apathy about politics in general. I’m trying to motivate, but it is pretty hard, the cynicism is so strong!

  16. This is a very brave post. One which I would ever endure. The comments alone would be exhausting. 🙂 Dam, election year is exhausting.

  17. I think that you’re thinking of his new book, The Audacity of Hope Deb. He is just inspiring. He thinks outside the political box, and dares to affect real change, not just superficial change.

    Hi Upset! I wasn’t political until the Gore/Bush campaigns. The subsequent election debacle, and the appointment of Bush by the Supreme Court to the Presidency solidified it. Over the last seven years we’ve lost sight of the importance of our Constitution. We need someone who actually cares about the ideals of our Founding Fathers more than they care about special interests and personal agendas, and I really believe that Obama is the closest thing we’ve seen in a very long time…

  18. I don’t really care for either candidate: Clinton or Obama, but I found out that Obama is the candidate that’s closest match to what I believe. This link is really interesting:

  19. Woeful-
    I agree with you 100 percent on everything. On Tuesday, I am voting for Obama also.

  20. Often times, politically we wind up choosing the lesser of evils. For the first time in a while I actually really dig a candidate and that’s pretty cool. It gets discouraging to keep voting for people only because all the others are totally unacceptable.

    Here’s another good tool for finding the candidate who would best repreant you. Give it a try!

  21. I’m still struggling to decide who to vote for tomorrow. Politically, I match up best with Kucinich – and between those left, Obama. However, I’m torn between the policy wonk candidate (Clinton), who knows how the system works and can (in theory) get things done, and the visionary (Obama, of course), who has great vision, but I wonder if he’s got the wisdom/experience to select advisors who have the ability to translate his vision into policy.

  22. Bottom line for me this go round is change. Not only a change of administration, but also a change from the old stale thought process that has gotten us where we are today. Obama is the most radical Democrat (which is to say, he would a moderate anywhere in Europe), and I’m betting that he can shake the tree hard enough that all the ripe fruit hits the ground. There will surely be obstacles in his path, but like Kennedy said, it’s the hard things that are the things truly worth doing.

  23. Not trying to promote my own blog, but you absolutely MUST view the video I just posted on my blog…it’s right up your alley.

  24. Promote away, K!

  25. I am just so caught up in this movement behind barack. I love the fact that so many people who wouldn’t normally even care to vote are completely involved in this election process. To see the tide turning, to be a part of history, to be an agent of change — it’s almost overwhelming. I hope with all that I am that we will see this dream come to fruition.

  26. Dare to be different!

  27. Right on! Tomorrow will be an interesting day for America. We shall see how many people are ready for TRUE change.

  28. People are afraid of change, especially big change. That’s the reason for the status quo. The thought process is that the evil you know, is better than the evil you don’t know. I’ve seen enough evil, and would prefer a different view already.

  29. I’m right there with you, Woe. Right there.

    We can only hope that many other people come around to the same viewpoint. And if that’s EVER going to happen, it’s going to happen NOW.

  30. You would THINK that people who live in a Country that is viewed as a Super Power would be brave enough to move forward into a rough and uncertain future instead of running back into the past for refuge.

    Good for you, Obama is a great candidate.
    Let’s keep hoping, shall we?

  31. Hello Anita! An exceptionally rare opportunity is upon us to affect meaningful change. According to a recent Zogby poll Obama has opened up a 13 point lead over Clinton in California! This gives me hope that I haven’t had in a very long time.

  32. bravo! welcome to the club.

  33. Good man, Woeful, good man . . .

  34. For what it’s worth, here are two great articles that delineate why Obama is the better choice.

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