Odd Things

A single right hand black leather glove, with a note attached that reads, “Jane will be back Tuesday for glove.”

— Found at the Reference Desk.


~ by Woeful on January 29, 2008.

14 Responses to “Odd Things”

  1. I love it when co-workers are so detailed with their messages. Jane who? Which Tuesday?

  2. Or was it just found on the floor like that? Like ‘Jane’ left the glove to visit the library for a few days?

  3. Apparently, the patron lost the glove over the edge of the central staircase, in an area not publicly accessible and had the custodian fish it out after hours.

  4. I left a single black glove in a nightclub once. when I rang, they said they’d put it in the office for me to collect.

    wonder if it had a similar note attached while it waited for me to call by…

  5. fantastic! It’s similar to guerrila poetry. Love it.

  6. Did you get the glove back Marny?

    Thanks for stopping by Dirt!

  7. Ha. Man oh man. The things that we deal with when working with the public.

  8. I’ve practically got a whole nursery with the crap parents leave behind for their kids. Binkies, bottles, baby wipes, bibs, toys. Gee.

  9. It’s a challenge a minute Ashley!

    I don’t doubt that you find some interesting stuff working in a restaurant Upset… What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found?

  10. yes, the glove and its twin reside together again

  11. I don’t really find weird things, just practical things. Maybe not so weird, but a bucket with live bait was a little off.

  12. … And a little more than a little smelly I’d guess?

  13. I now have an impulse to leave stray accessories around town with little notes attached to them.

  14. It could be fun!

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