My Parents @ the Library

My dad stopped by the Library the other day. He’s shopping for a new TV, and wanted reviews of HDTV sets from Consumer Reports, and CNET. It wasn’t a particularly busy day, but it was kind of chaotic since we have some minor construction going on in the building. Therefore, I was able to help him a bit more than I normally would have been able to on any other day by thoroughly searching CNET’s reviews. This is essential since my dad is totally computer illiterate.

I handed him the particular issues of Consumer Reports that he needed to make an informed purchasing decision, and he began reading through them while standing at the Reference Desk. Because he’s just like Red Forman, he doesn’t like much of anything let alone what he’s reading at the moment. He has specific models in mind, but there aren’t any reviews on them anywhere. As he’s sifting through this stuff he begins mumbling to himself, first softly, but his grumbling grows louder as he reads.

While this is going on, other patrons approach the Desk, and I help them in turn. While I’m helping this one woman find the book she’s looking for, my father says at full volume, “It stinks in here!” The he looks up at the woman like its her fault. At this point I nearly lose my shit. Through my peripheral vision, I can tell the woman standing before me is uncomfortable with this… It’s all I can do to hold it together. My mother, standing silently by his side until this point, slaps his arm and says, “Quiet!” LMAO!!!


~ by Woeful on January 27, 2008.

13 Responses to “My Parents @ the Library”

  1. At least they felt at home in the library…

  2. Ridiculous.

  3. When in Rome… 🙂

  4. Sadly, this is just standard operating procedure.

  5. I think I would have fallen over and died laughing. I don’t know how you have so much self control. I couldn’t help but giggle after reading this post. Things like that with my parents happen all the time. *sigh* Good times.

  6. Hi Lisa! It wasn’t easy holding it together, but I managed to keep it to a brief smile.

  7. My dad has also become quite cantankerous in his old age. My mother is becoming his conscience, it seems. She is constantly telling him in one way or another that his behavior is not socially acceptable. I find my dad’s behavior endearing, amusing and more than adorable most of the time, but there have been moments where I have been completely and totally mortified. I feel your pain.

    Your dad sounds like quite a character. Red has always been one of my favorite television personas.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  8. My dad is a character, K. He and Red would get along just fine…

  9. Sadly I’ve done this before. But that was before I realized that other people were listening and I offended someone. Your dad and me are two of a kind.

  10. Hello Ashley: LOL… My dad can be a real trip! 🙂

  11. Well, hopefully your dad don’t fart out loud in a grocery store and scream “Good Gaw girl, did you just shit?”…Embarrassing.

  12. Hiya Upset! My dad had this dog when he was younger. He said it would fart as it walked by people. Then stop and look at them like they were responsible. Too funny!

  13. Oh that is great!

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