Things You Don’t Want To See

High on the list, would be the crack of Virus Guy’s ass as he’s typing away on the Internet, when you begin your shift at the Reference Desk.


~ by Woeful on January 17, 2008.

19 Responses to “Things You Don’t Want To See”

  1. OH no! Nordge repair man!

  2. yuk.

  3. Indeed!

  4. No Pics?

  5. LOL… Believe me, you do not want pics! The last time he bent over to search the Catalog his shirt rode up and exposed open wounds.


  6. open wounds and crack? wow.

  7. Hello Ashley: Wow is right. You don’t want to be anywhere near Virus Guy.

  8. There should be some sort of policy in place. Like all people that sit in public seats and use community keyboards must carry various size and shapes of plastic to protect the rest of the world from contagious critters and other funk.

  9. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  10. Sometimes, I feel as if I need an emergency shower at the end of my day. 😦

  11. When I see inadvertent ugly ass crack, I find myself unconsciously tugging my pants up and my shirt down. Some kind of vicarious cover-up?

  12. Perhaps 😉

  13. Oh no! D:

  14. This is when you start covering everything in those 60’s plastic covers. And stock up on lots of Lysol. It’s actually making me paranoid just thinking about all the stuff as a child constantly going the library.

    You guys do clean the keyboards and chairs right???

  15. Hi Lisa! We occasionally spary Lyson on the keyboards and mice…

  16. Oh no. Poor Woeful.

  17. ((((shudder))))

  18. Or, considering your post above, is it art? Maybe there should be an LOC exhibit of ‘art’ consisting of patron cracks we’ve all endured.

  19. Hi Janet: Yeah, the exhibit could be called “Smile.”

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