Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Today one of our more regular Irregulars stopped by to pick up an inter library loan (ILL). As my colleague was checking out her book, she began talking about how smell can tell us a great deal about an object, and that smell can, therefore, be a great indicator of a book’s value. Then, she lifted the book to her nose, slowly drew a deep breath and softly said, “narrow minded.”

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this… Never judge a book by its cover, smell it instead!

~ by Woeful on January 16, 2008.

22 Responses to “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover”

  1. Lol Woeful. That sends a shiver down my “spine”

  2. Indeed, Upset Waitress! Actually, this woman is one of our better Irregulars. She’s very close to “normal,” just normally a tad bit paranoid, but not enough to be certifiable… By this I mean I can actually have a conversation with her (sometimes).

  3. Ha! Wow. That’s a new one…

  4. Well, at least now I know what I was doing wrong. 😉

  5. I am a voracious book sniffer. I should say NEW book sniffer. I just love the smell.. but I wouldn’t risk sniffing anything obviously NOT new. I like this woman though… I think she’s on to something. Was the book “narrow minded” or was she commenting on the reaction of the staff person to her theory????

  6. I am so glad that I work in the interlibrary loan department and not much with the public. But you never know..she might be onto something.

  7. The woman was “gaging” the quality of the book’s topic. In this case, the topic was a particular branch of medicine that she obviously doesn’t agree with…

    BTW: I like the smell of new books too.

  8. Ashley: If only I knew about this technique when I was in grad school… Oh the time I would have saved!

  9. Ah, the sniff test. Not only good for checking if the milk is off, but also for checking if the author is off.

  10. Thanks for commenting Canadian Girl! It’s also a good way for the staff to determine if the patron is “off.”

  11. I have always loved the smell of library books. I first noticed it as a small child going to my local branch (where I later got my first job as a page!) Hee-hee– too bad we’re online now, otherwise you could have scratch’n’sniff spots on the catalog cards!

  12. my favourite perfume is called “In the Library” by christopher brosius.

    it smells of leather and wood. I think you’d like it

  13. does the smell test work for people?

  14. Thanks for the tip Myra!

  15. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by! Humm… Does it work on people? I wasn’t about to sit still long enough to have it tested on me. 😉

  16. I’m pretty sure if I smelled the books in my library I’d probably have an asthma attack from the mold spores entering my blood stream.

  17. Welcome NPWB! Smelling the books in the stacks is not a recommended activity… People have been known to bring them back after they’ve been urinated on. Of course, if we catch this we pull the item…

  18. oh you really really don’t want to visit the gimcrack’s library. it’s not just urine we find there…..

  19. Hiya Myra! Nasty. We once found a used condom in the stacks… Ewww.

  20. ok you win. a used condom earns more points than a pile of faeces

  21. LMAO!! I’m sure you see some stuff at work that I couldn’t imagine. That said, as a nurse you work in a place where you should expect things like this. As a librarian I never thought I’d have to deal with used condoms in the stacks, or someone finger painting with their fecal matter on the Restroom Wall… Yet, these things happen.

  22. Never Judge a Book By Its Cover…
    … especially if you’re not a judge.


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