Even Creepier

Our high school part-timer was working today, when her admirer decided to pay us a visit. When she was done shelving, she came back to the Reference Desk and I asked, “Did you see that your friend is here?” She said that she did, and that it creeped her out. I told her that she had absolutely nothing to worry about today since he brought both his daughter, and his wife along. She then said, that that made things even creepier. He walked past me carrying his child, and all I could think was, “You, really are a vile human being.”


~ by Woeful on January 12, 2008.

15 Responses to “Even Creepier”

  1. Guys like that…they shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Yuck.

    Speaking of library woes, my day was full of them. Hell.On.Earth. Thank the gods it’s over. And thank the gods for wine.

    Hope you have a good weekend, Woeful.

  2. hey! are we friends on facebook? we need to scrabble it up!!!

  3. He is a scumbag.

    Yeah, this week was a bitch. This weekend is all about football, beer, and pizza for me. So far I’m happy, Green Bay won, Now if New England, San Diego, and New York win, I’ll be thrilled!

    Tell the gods of wine that I said, “Hello,” and have a good weekend yourself, K.

  4. Hi Ashley: Thanks for coming by. Sadly, my Facebook account is the real Me, not Woeful… Or, we would SO be Facebook friends already!

  5. Ah. Clearly he is demonstrating his family man side to impress her. You know, the old “guys with small children are so endearing” thing.

  6. [barf]

    At this point, I think that it hits a tad too close to home for our 15 year old helper. 🙂

  7. NEW ENGLAND WINS!! Two down… Two to go.

  8. Even after almost an entire bottle of wine, the images of those annoying, nubile little girls running about the library in mini-skirts with leggings (the horror!) giggling about boys and making messes for me to clean up aren’t blurring much. I think I’m going to look into removing Saturdays from my availability.

    Glad to hear your football dreams are in the process of coming true! You deserve it.

  9. Eww. Does the library offer self-defense classes to it’s part-time, teenage help?

  10. Good Morning TWH! Usually, I just walk the perimeter and shoot the offending scumbags dirty looks.

  11. poor, poor child.

  12. Nothing like having a middle-aged married tool drooling all over you.

  13. Ah. At the library I worked at part time a couple years ago, we had a guy come in occasionally from out of town who hit on one of our part-time staff. He asked her what grade she was in…clearly thought she was in high school. (actually, she was 28 and in grad school working on her Ph.D.) Still, creepy.

  14. Not cool.

  15. We used to have a guy who’d pass out Mormon tracts to any woman who was overweight and not wearing a wedding ring. Including members of the staff like myself and one of the adult librarians.

    The creepy ones who flirt also tend to be bipolar and off their meds – so one second they’re telling us we have nice eyes or cute dimples. The next they’re yelling and screaming at us and telling us we’re worthless. Then they go to the computers and look at porn.

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