UIP Sighting… Scramble the Librarians

This morning, we had a report of a man sleeping in our primary Men’s Room. This prompted the Director to send me out on a little scouting expedition. Thankfully, by the time I got there the situation already rectified itself. When I reported back, I said that it was probably just an Unidentified Inebriated Patron… That, “We had a UIP Sighting!” This elicited a round of thunderous laughter, and a few repeats of “UIP,” from the Assistant Director, and the guys in Tech. Services.

No doubt, this acronym will be added to the Library’s lexion…


~ by Woeful on January 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “UIP Sighting… Scramble the Librarians”

  1. You are a man with a gifted tongue.


  2. Thanks Stiletto!

  3. I will totally be adding UIP to my vocabulary. That’s going to catch on like wildfire.

  4. Very funny, K!

  5. It’s going to catch on like the recent rising of syph!

  6. That doesn’t paint a pretty picture, Stiletto…

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