The Library Restaurant

Library Restaurant

I am SO fried from work today, I wasn’t going to blog anything. But I just read a great review over at Eating On Jitneys about a library themed restaurant in Pittsburgh that I needed to share.

Oddly enough, the restaurant is called, The Library. Each meal they serve is inspired by a book. They use books for menus, and the cuisine is listed by Dewey Decimal Number. The review states that the place isn’t over done with libraryness, but has just enough for a good vibe… And the food isn’t bad either. Sounds delectable! For more images and information, visit

Next time I’m in Pittsburgh I know where I’ll be eating.


~ by Woeful on January 9, 2008.

14 Responses to “The Library Restaurant”

  1. Oh this looks really fun! I went to a cafe once called ( something like this) Read and Feed. They had a library of books you could check out and read with coffee or lunch. It was in Colorado somewhere. They showed documentaries in the back room in the evenings. I was visiting a nun on a commune nearby.

  2. aww.. I wish that there were cafes like this around here. Def need to try this out sometime.

  3. i’ve been there a few times- good food, cute atmosphere- the menus are seriously just awesome. definitely worth the trip….

  4. There’s a bar in Austin called the Library, I think I’ve been in it once. Seems to be a franchise, as there is one in Minneapolis, and other Texas locations. If I’m ever in Pittsburgh, I’ll check that restaurant out. I do have a friend that lives near there.

  5. I live in Pittsburgh. The Library is overpriced, the bartender is terrible, and there aren’t even that many books in the place. The menus are cute; they are inside books, after all. Great idea but poorly executed. Sorry to be such a party pooper. 😉

  6. Ok, a good concept, never ate at one, but you’d really have keep on eye on what title they were basing the meal on…for instance, a Leaves of Grass meal might be a bit dry, a Great Gatsby meal might be overpriced and pretentious, a meal for Lolita might be served too soon and ruin the food forever…

  7. Hello Californiablogging: Read & Feed is very funny. 🙂

    Ashley, thanks for commenting!

    It’s nice to know the food is good there, Sortofcrafty.

    Lemurtx: If you want a library bar try this!

    [d]aniel, after visiting their website and looking at the photos of the place, I was wondering about the decor. It seems a wee bit library sparse. I think they can definitely add some more stuff that would keep it understated yet be more libraryish. Although not decor related, I was thinking that they could even write checks on date due cards! They can really do a lot with the theme!

    That’s true Tony. I wouldn’t want to eat the Soylent Greeen 😉

  8. Because it’s peeeooooppple! Sorry, had to do it!

  9. This reminded me of a small town near my hometown that I often passed through. In this little town the bar on Main Street was called, “The Library.” My guess is there were no books on the shelves in there.

  10. Man, this place would suck if you’re illiterate.

  11. There seem to be a few Library Bars around the country. I’m sure some have better library swag than others.

  12. […] Library found via this post: The Library Restaurant « @ the Library […]

  13. There was a Library Restaurant in El Paso, Texas in the 1970’s. The main portion of the menu consisted of Prime Rib, Lamb, Lobster tail (the size of a grown man’s hand), Live Maine Lobster, and Scampi. They also served steak tartar. An order of wild rice was just that… no fillers. Saute’d mushrooms were fantastic. What a lot of people didn’t know was that your could have seconds or more of the Prime Rib or the Lamb. Fresh baked bread with black berry preserves.

    The waitresses were dressed in long skirts to resemble librarians. There were no waiters. In the bar they had a multitude of appetizers… from pickled mushrooms and cauliflower, to bbq’d ribs, fried clams, carrot and celery sticks… which were all free. You could make a meal from them.

    There was a wine sampling bar so you could taste before you bought. It was a great restaurant… too bad it didn’t make it.

    I know there was one in Denver Colorado as that is where the owners were from. Oh… I worked at the one in El Paso. They were going to open one in Austin, Tx but the high cost of borrowing money didn’t allow for it. It was a time of inflation to say the least.

    The decor was book shelves all around, loaded with books. If you found one you liked, you could keep it. Local artists displayed their work which was for sale with all the money going to the artist. It was a sad day when it bought out by a company that didn’t do it justice… and eventually folded.

  14. Thanks for commenting Paul!

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