Bounty Hunters

Some days, I can’t even believe what I see with my own eyes… Today was one of those days. A short, stocky, bald man approached me at the Reference Desk, displayed a badge, and told me that he was about to take into custody a man with a blue coat and baseball cap who was sitting in the corner reading a magazine. He wanted to let me know that he was going to do this as quietly as possible. I thanked him for the courtesy.

The bald man, and his DEA jacket wearing partner who was watching their prey from the stacks, converged on our Irregular from both sides. They confronted the man, and immediately apprehended their quarry. They cuffed the man’s hands behind his back with the clickclickclickclick sound of the cuffs tightening breaking the silence. Then, they led him away without incident as patrons looked on in amazement. As they led him past, I heard one of the men say to someone that they were bounty hunters.

Librarianship, It’s Not Just a Job, It’s an Adventure


~ by Woeful on January 7, 2008.

20 Responses to “Bounty Hunters”

  1. I think I’m pursuing the wrong profession…

  2. I don’t know about that, but you might get some literary inspiration by hanging out in your local library and observing what happens. Jeremy over at WTTF seems to get some ideas out of what I do here, I’m sure you could cull even more from an expedition to the library where you can observe patrons in their native habitat.

  3. […] things that don’t happen at CoBLS (or do they) @thelibrary posted this adventure at the Ref. Desk… Makes putting a missing status on  a book that hasn’t been seen for 3 years seem […]

  4. So, to cuff someone and drag them away in broad daylight in front of a ton of witnesses all you have to do is tell the librarian you are going to do it quietly and tell anyone who asks questions that you are a bounty hunter?

    Nifty trick.

  5. LOL… They don’t pay me enough to be a hero, Max. I was temped to tell the guy that he had my blessing, and while he was at it, why stop there? That entire area is peppered with people whom I’m positive have outstanding warrants!

  6. Cool, if this writing thing does not work out I can just hang at the library with some cuffs and a stack of bail jumper sheets and they will come to me yay!

  7. “Ours not to reason why…”

    I don’t think you would have anything to worry about Max, unless you’re dealing drugs out of your Trapper Keeper… Or perhaps you write a travesty of a sequel… Then, maybe. It might be like something out of the movie, “Brazil.” 😉

  8. That’s brilliant! Wouldn’t it be nice if the wanted man had stashed some loot somewhere in the library.

  9. Bounty hunters are glorified vigilantes. They really should have to follow some sort of protocol. Especially when it comes to public safety. They should have waited for the criminal to exit the building. What if that criminal decided to a take a little kid hostage in the library? Have you seen that DAWG guy? I mean how would you react having a stoner looking long haired hippie trying to cuff ya?

  10. Hi Roaf! That would be a good follow-up… Dope found in Library sofa, film at 11:00!

    Welcome Back Upset Waitress: They do certainly walk the line, but they’re also licensed by “somebody” to do what they do too… Usually by people who care more about money than safety. Good judgment, however, is sadly something few people seem to have these days.

  11. How exciting! The closest we get to that in the corporate world is when a layoff happens and HR managers “escort” people who have been terminated from their desks, usually with someone from a paid security firm. It’s nasty business.

  12. I’ve been there. No fun.

  13. The pot will probably be mailed to him.

  14. That’s perfect! I wonder if we will receive a parcel reeking of hemp someday?

  15. […] Bounty Hunters Some days, I can’t even believe what I see with my own eyes… Today was one of those days. A short, stocky, […] […]

  16. WOW. I wouldn’t even know what to think if someone came in and told me that! I know we have a policy for law enforcement trying to get info about people from us (and how we’re not supposed to give it), but I wonder what I’m supposed to do if someone in the library was getting arrested or similar. That’s just so… wow.

  17. Hi Cara: I said, “OK.” Then, I immediately called the Director to let her know what was happening in her building. She observed the whole thing from the Circulation Desk. The whole thing, from start to finish didn’t take five minutes. I’m fairly certain that they didn’t need to tell us squat. The have the legal right to apprehend whatever scumbag they’re after and that’s that. In some ways bounty hunters have more power than the police, operating not exactly outside of the law but (ideally) parallel with it. It was just nice to be informed of what was about to transpire, especially since things can go wrong…

  18. If awesome would it have been if a gun fight ensued?

    And, of course, you lived to tell the tale.

  19. Wow, my post got botched…lol

    How awesome would it have been if a gun fight ensued?

    You do know those bounty guys were probably packing heat, right?

  20. I’m not into gunplay. It’s definitely better that none was involved. We did, however, have an incident involving a police standoff a few years back…

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