Sexier Than?

I just discovered this ad over at Schu’s blog… Obviously the people at Sony never met the redheaded librarian from my previous post!
Sony Ad
Happy New Year Everyone!!

~ by Woeful on December 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “Sexier Than?”

  1. I thought at first it said “(Your librarian may disagree.)”, which is correct. I would on sheer principle.

    The more I think about it, this comparison doesn’t make sense. The device doesn’t seem to offer book recs or research help. I know it’s just supposed to be a funny ad, but it isn’t smart humor (though “your librarian may vary” is clever). Plus it has no sexy curves like our lovely Bacardi librarian. How is it sexier?

  2. Hello VL! Ads rarely make sense (i.e., supermodels on the beach drinking beer). Usually the stylistically good ones are bad at advertising the product, while the stylistically awful ones tend to keep the product firmly in the mind of the consumer. This is one of the mysteries of the universe… The Bacardi ad is still my favorite. 😉

  3. I saw one of those ads in the Portland and had to laugh, because the Sony Reader seems the exact opposite of sexy to me. Unlike the librarian in the Bacardi ad…I definitely think that’s an image we should be promoting after a century of schoolmarm stereotypes.

  4. Been lurking around here for a couple months, but first time posting. Love the barcardi ad, and then saw this sony ad in the DC subway system. Kept trying to remember to take my camera with me to snap a picture of it for you, but glad to see someone else thought to do the same. Great blog!

  5. Hi Glundeen: I don’t think any eBook reader is all that sexy either. Thanks for stopping by!

    Welcome Tony: Thanks for commenting… Keep reading!

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